SEO Tips – List of More Than 100 Directories For You to Promote Your Blog or Website for FREE

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SEO TIP – List of More Than 100 Directories to Promote Your Blog or Website for FREE


SEO Tips - List of More Than 100 Directories For You to Promote Your Blog or Website for FREE by SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant in Singapore

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website?

Do you like to see your website appear on the 1st Page of SERPs (search engine result pages)?

Having your website on the 1st Page of SERPs for popular keywords or phrases that people frequently use to search for similar products or services like yours can increase the chances of visitors to your website or blog as well as be a long-term sustainable source of visitors. And to get to the 1st Page, you need to do SEO (search engine optimization).

And not just the type of SEO on your website or blog, which is also known as On Page SEO. You need to do Off Page SEO, which includes having social media accounts, online mentions, and creating backlinks for your website or blog. Just to name a few of the Off Page SEO tactics.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are simply links that point back to your website or blog that is from another website on the world wide web. It is sometimes referred to as Inbound Links. Backlinks is one of the major factors toward gaining higher rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs).

The more Backlinks your website or blog has, the more you are telling search bots that your website or blog is popular or important. This is because when another website features a link to your website or blog, it is essentially a vote for your website. It is like a “thumbs up” from another source, and tells their audience that they think your website or blog is worth visiting.

Search engines, such as Google, will then give “plus points” to your website or blog, and when there is a search query relevant to your website or blog, it will appear in the list of search results. When you have a good number of quality Backlinks , there is a chance your website or blog will appear higher in ranking within that list.

Of course, technically there is more to it than just this surface level information I just wrote above. There are other things about Backlinks to consider; for example quality of Backlinks , relevance, PageRank of sites that Backlink to your website or blog, etc.

Also, please note that Backlinks are not the single determining factor for search ranking. There are many more factors to consider. But because this is a blog post about Backlinks, and specifically the purpose is to share a long list of directories for you to create the Backlinks, I will not go into all that here. Maybe in a later post?

How To Get Backlinks For Your Website or Blog?

Simple. But time consuming. I know because I too constantly add Backlinks to websites that I do SEO for.

See the long list of more than 100 directories featured below that you can access to promote your website or blog for FREE? Go to each individual link, and try submitting the url and required details of your website or blog to the directory or listing.

As mentioned above, I too frequently add Backlinks to the websites that I do SEO for, and I use this same list too. As such, I will constantly come back and review the list here. So do visit often to check out any new listing, or you can Email Me. I will add your email to my list, and send you updates. Comments welcome, too.

List of More Than 100  Directories to Promote Your Blog or Website for FREE

* Kindly note – The directories and listings here are Free at point of time of posting. Should the site change its free listing policy, that is up to the site’s discretion. Timotheus is not responsible for the external site’s policy changes and charges.

  1.       1ABC
  2.       247 Web Directory
  3.       9sites
  4.       10 Directory
  5.       A1 Web Directory
  6.       A Funny Directory
  7.       A List Sites
  8.       A People Directory
  9.       Abstract Directory
  10.       Activ Directory
  11.       Active Search Results
  12.       Ad Brite Directory
  13.       Add Directory
  14.       Add Good Sites
  15.       Add your blog
  16.       Adsnity
  17.      Alltop
  18.      Amfibi
  19.      Angloinfo
  20.      Anoj – Business Internet Directory
  21.      Anoox
  22.      Aquarius Directory
  23.      Aweb List
  24.     AxxaSearch
  25.     Backpage Directory
  26.     Be Directory
  27.     Bedwan – Web Directory
  28.     Beeg Directory
  29.     Best Business Web Directory
  30.     Best Buy Directory
  31.     Best Directory 4 You
  32.     Best Free Websites
  33.     Bizz – Business Directory
  34.     Bloggapedia
  35.     Blogarama
  36.     Blogdir
  37.     Blog Directory
  38.     Blogflux
  39.     Bloggernity
  40.     Bloggernow
  41.     Blog Hints
  42.     Bloghub
  43.     Blogrific
  44.     Blog Listing
  45.     BlogoWogo
  46.     Blog Rate Directory
  47.     Blogs Rater
  48.     Blog Roll Center
  49.     Blogs-collection
  51.     Blog Search
  52.     Blogswirl
  53.     Blog Top List
  54.     Blog Top Sites
  55.     Blogville
  56.     Bocaiw Directory
  57.     Business Free Directory
  58.     Business Seek
  59.     Chordata
  60.     Cipinet
  61.     Ckalari
  62.     Clicks or Directory
  63.     Craigslist Directory 1
  64.     Craigslist Directory 2
  65.     Cluboo
  66.     Conseillemoi
  67.     Crayon
  68.     Dir4UK – SEO friendly UK Web Directory
  69.     Directory Analytic
  70.     Directory-Free
  71.     Directory Seo
  72.     Directory World
  73.     Dmoz
  75.     Domain Names SEO
  76.     EBay List
  77.     Eguide
  78.     Elite Sites Directory
  80.     Exactseek
  81.     Example Directory
  82.     News & Media –, a Social-aware, SEO-friendly web directory submission service.
  83.     Facebook List
  84.     Family Directory
  85.     Free Website Directory
  87.     FuelMyBlog
  88.     Gain Web
  89.     Geona
  90.     Hot Directory
  91.      Hotfrog
  92.     Hottest Blogs
  93.     Hulu Directory
  94.     Ice Rocket
  95.     Illumirate
  96.     Info-listings
  97.     Insing
  98.     Inteligentd
  99.     Jayde
  100.     Kompass
  101.     LDM Studio
  102.     Lemon Directory
  103.     Link Centre
  104.     Linkdir
  105.     LinkedIn Directory
  106.     Linkpedia
  107.     Loaded Web
  108.     Local Success
  109.     LS Blogs
  110.     Mediafire Direct Link
  111.     My Directory Live
  112.     Nipao
  113.     Nexus Directory
  114.     One Sublime Directory
  115.     On Top List
  116.     Pi Series
  117.     PR3 Plus
  118.     PR Web Link
  119.     Pro Link Directory
  120.     Read A Blog
  121.     Reddit Directory
  122.     Rate It All
  123.     Regator
  124.     Royal Link Up
  125.     Scoobe Biz
  126.     Scrub the Web
  127.     Search Domain Here
  128.     So Much
  129.     SonicRun
  130.     Sports Blogs
  131.     ST Classifieds
  132.     Subjex
  133.     Sublime Directory
  134.     Submission 4u
  135.     Submit Biz
  136.     Suggest URL
  137.     Synergy Directory
  138.     T Section
  139.     Target Directory
  140.     Tech4on
  141.     The Net Directory
  142.     The SEO King
  143.     Top Blogging
  144.     Top Sites Web Directory
  145.     UK Listingz
  146.     URL Moz
  147.     Vie Search
  148.     Vision Web Directory
  149.     Vision Web SEO
  150.     Web Apps Directory
  151.     Weblogs
  152.      Websandiego
  153.     Websquash
  154.     Wikid Web
  155.     Wils Domain
  156.     WordPress
  157.     Wwwi
  158.     Xysyst
  159.     Yelu
  160.     Zipleaf

That’s all for now folks!Web Hosting

As I discover more FREE Backlinks, I will add them here. So do visit this page often to see updated links. I will indicate them by a note such as *Updated link with a date.

Or if you have a FREE Backlink you would like to share, send me an email.

Blessings to all.

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