What Is Email Marketing About? – 119 Facts You Need to Know

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What Is Email Marketing About?
119 Facts You Need to Know

In the Digital Marketing section of this site, I have written about the rebirth of Email Marketing. In that article, the advantages and disadvantages, automation tools and email sales funnel were presented. In particular, why your business must do Email Marketing. Today, this post expands on that with an Infographic on What is Email Marketing About? And 119 Facts Your Need to Know about it.

Below is the Infographic, courtesy of my friends from Web Builder. Thanks to their extensive research that created this colorful image that is easy to digest and filled with very useful information. After the Infographic, there is additional valuable information written by me. Don’t miss that.

Now, let us get on with this. I hope you do find the data in the Infographic useful. And if you have any questions about Email Marketing or this article, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

What Is Email Marketing About? - 119 Facts You Need to Know - infographic
Infographic by Website Builder

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Why Email Marketing Works?

The reason why Email Marketing works can be easily seen in the Infographic above. But kindly allow me to add to it.

Email Marketing is the second most effective online marketing tactic. The potential reach is huge. There are 4.3 billion email accounts, and more opening every day. In that large number of email accounts is your target audience.

When your target audience is interested in your product, service or information, they will give permission for you to send them emails on a regular basis. They become Subscribers of your emails, which can be newsletters, promotional offers, and so on. As indicated in the Infographic above, 77% of Consumers prefer email for Marketing Communications. And that is a very encouraging number.

Speaking of target market, here is another reason why Email Marketing works. The email list you build can be segmented. Some of your subscribers may have particular interests. And by segmenting, you can customize certain functions or features of your product or service that matches those particular interests.

This will increase the chances of your email being read, and can lead to higher conversions, too. Look at the part in the Infographic that says 44% who received targeted emails admit at least one purchase because of the promotional message.

For example, a hotel may have a special package for families on a particular weekend. They can target the particular segment of subscribers who are married with children. If the subscriber is someone with family and looking for a package deal getaway, chances are he or she will open the email, and click on the offer.

Another good reason why Email Marketing works is because the ROI (Return on Investment) can be easily tracked. What is the percentage of your subscribers who open your emails? How many click on the Call to Action link? How many eventually make the purchase? All that can be tracked, and the ROI is quite exact and accurate.

There are many more reasons why Email Marketing is working nowadays. As technology evolves, this digital marketing strategy becomes more powerful and stronger. See the Infographic for more reasons. Also, don’t miss the part about the Biggest Email Marketing Trends in 2017

Email Converts 3 Times Better Than Social Media

For Email Marketing, the ROI that businesses are most interested in are Open Rates, Click Rates and Conversion Rates. What are these ROI? Well, Open Rate is simply the percentage of subscribers who open the email when they received it.

Click Rate is when they click on the Call to Action link presented in the email. This shows that the subscriber is interested in the information or offer, and would like to find out more.

Finally, there is the Conversion Rate is when the subscriber makes a confirmed purchase. Conversions can be simply going to the website to read an article, or accepting an invite for an event, or making a purchase. For example, it can be actually buying a product online, and payment has been made.

The Infographic above shows the average rates for each ROI, and for different types of emails. This is very useful. You can use the data to gauge how successful your campaign is.

Should the campaign not reach the average rates or your expected ROI, you can refine your Email Strategy. It will help you as you test and find out what works, and what does not. The goal is to eventually run successful campaigns.

Most Used Email Marketing Techniques

The Infographic reveals which Email Marketing Technique is the one that most businesses use. And no surprise here that Email Automation takes the lead at 74%.

Email Automation helps to make your job easier. It helps you to automatically respond when people subscribe, build lists, segment your audience to get better ROI, create campaigns and send them to your subscribers.

There are many more techniques shown above. Take a look, and try them.

Psychology of Email Recipient

When you understand the Psychology of your subscribers, you can communicate with them better, and even encourage them to make that choice to buy.

As can be seen from the image above, for example, when the subject line of an email has movie titles or song lyrics, the Email Open Rates increased by 26.2%. For example, one of the email campaigns that I ran with the subject title as ‘DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe‘ had an Open Rate of 57.1%, which is much higher than the average.

Study the statistics shown above, and get some tips on the psychology of email recipients to get better ROI.

Timotheus – Final Word

There is plenty more useful information from the research done by Web Builder. I hope you do take time to go through the entire Infographic. Do take notes, and use the data to help you do better in Email Marketing.

For example, there is the section on Personalization that helps you understand why it is important to personalized your emails. Then there is the Segmentation portion that I keep stressing on how valuable this is. When you segment your email lists, you will get higher open rates; at least 39%!

These days, almost everyone is using the mobile phone for various activities; one of which is reading emails. I know I do, too. Read the Mobile Email Statistics to get a better idea of the Usage and Growth of emails on mobile.

And especially do not miss the Companies Case Studies. Not that the rest is not important. But the case studies are great for learning.

Once again, my thanks to our friends at Website Builder for the very helpful Infographic. I look forward to more future collaborations with them.

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Again, as I said earlier at the start of this article, if you have any questions about Email Marketing or this article, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading this.

Best wishes,


Get Your Website Ranked First Page On Google – Just Like Mine

Get Your Website Ranked First Page on Google

Get Your Website Ranked First Page On Google – Just Like Mine

My website, this website – timotheuslee.com – has reached Page One on Google and other search engines. Wouldn’t you like to Get Your Website Ranked First Page on Google and other search engines too?

This is not the first website that I ranked on 1st Page of search engines. In the past I ranked for other clients’ sites and my digital marketing agency – OOJO – which is still ranking on 1st page for many keywords. For example, I managed to get OOJO on First Page of Google, and till today, they are still on that much sought after position. Speaking of positions, in fact, OOJO now ranks for multiple keywords and many are not only on the first page, they are also ranking at number one.

So what happens after your website achieves 1st Page? How will it benefit your business? What will this coveted space mean for your brand? This will all be discussed further down the article.

But before that, let me show you some of the screen shots of the winning ranking position my website has gained.

Get Your Website Ranked First Page on Google and be a Winner!

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Rank on First Page on Google

Here is a screen shot of getting Ranked on First Page on Google. The screen shot was taken on 18 July 2017.

Get Your Website Ranked First Page on Google - thumbnail
Click on image for larger view

I will be honest with you. It took eight months for my website to reach first page on Google. On Yahoo and Bing, it was a little faster. It took only three months.

It would have been faster on Google, but I was busy with training, delivering talks at seminars and conferences as well as doing digital marketing projects for clients. Despite a very heavy work schedule, I did manage to spend as much free time as I can doing SEO for my website. So, achieving first page in eight months is quite good, don’t you agree?

A lot of effort was put into getting this website to the 1st page. There was, of course, On Page SEO, which includes title tags, headers and more.

And of course, let us not forget Off Page SEO that included Social Media Marketing to create Social Signals, back links from directory listings and other sites, and many other Off Page tactics.

Not to forget the important strategy to keep creating content. Google and other search engines love fresh content. And this post is just another fresh content for them to relish.

In case you prefer not to click on the above image to see a larger version of the screen shot, here is a close up of the top of it. I grabbed this portion of the screen shot to show that the search engine is Google, and also to show the keyword phrase I have competed and ranked for.

Get Your Website Ranked First Page on Google - Search Results Page Close Up on Google logo

Below is another grab of the lower part of the screen shot to highlight that my website is really listed on the first page.

Get Your Website Ranked First Page on Google - Close Up to Ranking on First Page

Totally Worth The Journey

I started doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on this website in November 2016. As with any website that I am working on, I started with Keyword Research. And chose the best keyword phrase that has good amount of traffic and medium competition. This is the same that I will do for all my clients.

After selection of the keyword phrase, next was On Page SEO. Careful placement of the keywords at the right places, in the right amounts was required. We do not want to be doing Keyword Stuffing, right?

* Tip: Do not do Keyword Stuffing; i.e. excessively placing your keywords all over any page on your website or the entire website. Google will penalize!

Next was Off Page SEO that took a longer time. As mentioned above, one of the tactics was to get back links. One way was to find relevant directories and get listed on them.

* Tip: Directories must be RELEVANT. For example, my website is about Digital Marketing. I get this website listed on either marketing or digital marketing sub categories of directories.

Back links, in itself, is quite extensive. It is not just about getting listed on directories. There are many ways to get back links. For example, guest blogging on other sites and getting a back link from that, participating in forums and crediting your participation with a back link, and many more.

* Tip: Always remember that wherever you place your back link, it must be Relevant to your website’s main topic.

Then there is Social Media where you can generate Social Signals that will indicate to the search bots that your website or brand is relevant and popular. Plus many more other Off Page SEO strategies.

There are a lot more Off Page strategies, and it would take a whole article or many articles to write about them all. I have written some on my blog. And will write and share more. So do remember to subscribe to my newsletter to get updates.

Rewards of Ranking on First Page

Throughout this website, especially on topics about SEO and Online Visibility, I would reiterate the many Rewards of Ranking on First Page. For one, there will definitely be an increase in traffic. A live example here is my website reaching the first page, and the traffic has grown significantly, and is still growing.

When there is higher traffic to your website, it means more people are finding your website and visiting it. This is an opportunity to get them to leave behind a contact, usually an email address.

As you collect more email addresses, you are growing your list of subscribers. This list is very valuable. Take time to nurture your followers. And eventually, you can convert them to customers. This means increase in sales.

Isn’t that great? This is what your business needs to get more revenue.

Rank First Page on Bing

According to a report on April 2017 by Smart Insights, Google now has 77.43% of the search engine market share.

That’s huge, right?

But let us not forget the other search engines that are taking the rest of the 22.57% search engine market share. The percentage might not seem like a lot. But do not forget that the market share is in the billions.

That same insights reported that there were 6,586,013,574 searches a day worldwide! For that month, Bing had 873,964,000 searches per day. And Yahoo had 536,101,505 searches per day.

To me, seems silly to ignore that huge number of searches. After all, a visitor is a visitor, a lead is a lead. And each can be converted to be a customer.

As such, I don’t ignore the other search engines. And here is a screen shot of my website getting ranked on first page of Bing.

Rank First Page Bing
Click on image for larger view of result page

First Page on Yahoo

As mentioned above, Yahoo too has a substantial amount of searches. So do get your website ranked on first page there too. Here is a screen shot of my website ranked on first page of Yahoo.

First Page Yahoo
Click on image for larger view of result page

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We have come to the end of this sort of ‘press release’. To all my friends, fans and followers who congratulated me when timotheuslee.com reached first page of Google – My heartfelt thanks!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Or if you simply wish to connect and leave a comment, it will be most welcome. I would love to hear from you.

Do remember to subscribe to my newsletter.

Best wishes,