Timotheus Kayliang Lee, Digital Marketing Consultant in Singapore

With more than 25 years of professional experience, Timotheus started his career in marketing at Microsoft, working closely with clients such as Disney Australia, China Central Television, and NHK. When the Internet was in its infancy in Singapore, he became the Creative Director at a web design firm, and his clients included Prime Minister’s Office, Visa, MasterCard, Ministry of Education, and MediaCorp. Timotheus leveraged his skills in marketing to generate up to an 8-figure increase in sales figures for his clients.

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Timotheus LeeWith the advent of social media, Timotheus continues to add tremendous value to small and medium enterprises in Singapore and the Asian region. Besides Social Media Marketing, his expertise includes Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and particularly Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He believes the latter must encompass the other digital marketing strategies so as to increase online visibility for businesses, and he has achieved ranking for many clients’ websites on 1st Page of search engines such as Google. This resulted in driving traffic to the business websites, increasing sales leads, and eventually converting leads to customers.

Timotheus has a Masters of Science in Marketing (First Class Honours), where he was among the top 3 graduates. His hobbies include meeting people over coffee, photography, travel, and meditation.

For more info about Timotheus, see his CV.


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