About Timotheus

This website was supposed to be my online CV.

A showcase of my career that spanned more than 30 years of digital marketing experience.

Then on 28 April 2022, it all came crashing down.

I was rushed to the A&E for a lot of vomiting.

After many scans and tests, the senior specialist found a tumor in my rectal area.

It had been growing, and eventually blocked fecal content from exiting my body.

That was why the excretion system was blocked.

As such, I had an emergency stoma operation, and am now living with stoma.

But, life goes on.

While fighting cancer and healing from it, I plan to update my healing journey on this website.

At the same time, I still need to feed the family.

So, I will continue my affiliate marketing efforts, and share them with you here.

So, if you have been suddenly cut off from a source of income, or need to create a side income in case your main source of income suddenly disappears, then this website is for you.

Best wishes to all!


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