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Timotheus’ Note: This page was originally published in the year 2016. It has been updated, and republished again on 22 July 2022, with news about Timotheus’ focus on this website, his healing with cancer journey, and how he supports his family with affiliate marketing.

This website was originally designed to be my online CV, my resume. It was to include records of my over 30 years of past work such as digital marketing, speaking at seminars, lectures and classes I have taught, and more.

It still have all that. But then, on 28 April 2022, it all came crashing down. I was rushed to the A&E. The reason was because I was vomiting a lot.

After many scans and tests, the senior specialist found a tumor in my rectal area. It had been growing, and eventually blocked fecal content from exiting my body. That was why the excretion system was blocked.

As such, I had an emergency stoma operation, and am now living with stoma.

But, life goes on.

Today, I am being treated for cancer while living with stoma. While fighting cancer and healing from it, I have been updating my healing journey on this website.

At the same time, I still need to feed and take care of my family. When the health emergency happened, with surgery, medical appointments, radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments, I was not able to continue teaching part time.

As such, I experienced a sudden loss of income from that part time gig. Fortunately, I still had affiliate marketing efforts going on. And, as a result, there were still some side income coming in from these sources.

But, they were small commissions, and not enough to support my family and me. And definitely not enough to have some savings, too.

Before my cancer diagnosis, I was actually starting a course on high ticket affiliate marketing. The health emergency derailed it.

For a while, I was too weak and tired to continue that business venture.

As time went by, I am now stronger and heathier. I am still going through chemotherapy treatment. But I feel better today.

So, I decided to continue that high ticket affiliate marketing course, and create higher income from it. I will continue my affiliate marketing efforts, and share them with you here.

If you have been suddenly been cut off from a source of income, or need to create a side income in case your main source of income suddenly disappears, then this website is for you. Better still, talk to me. Email me, and let’s discuss how you can also earn high ticket commissions.

Best wishes to all!


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