Client: GoodStuff

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing and Advertising - GoodStuff logo

GoodStuff is an online marketplace offering a wide range of products for the best prices.

Country: Singapore

Project: Facebook Marketing


Work closely with the GoodStuff team to create and run ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. One of the main issues was that the ads were not delivering. Also, the goal was to keep increasing sales for the ECommerce business.


Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Ad Campaign for Nakamichi speakers 1We mapped out an entire year’s marketing plan and strategy for GoodStuff.

Ad Campaigns were planned throughout the year plan, and special festivals and occasions were noted especially  for relevant unique offers.

One of the ad we ran was the ad campaign to promote the Nakamichi MyMaiku Bluetooth Speaker.

It was concurrent with the Soft Launch of their website.

We worked with the Sales department on the ideal pricing that was low enough to attract interest, and yet with enough profit to not make losses.

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Instagram Ad Campaign for Nakamichi speakers 1

The ad was implemented on Facebook and Instagram platforms.

For a few days, the ads were not delivering, just as GoodStuff experienced it. After a couple of tweaks, it started to deliver, and reached the target audience.

Here is another ad campaign that we did for GoodStuff.

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Instagram Ad Campaign to Beat The Heat

Singapore was experiencing a heatwave at that time.

While this was not originally in the marketing plan, our team reacted to the current situation.

And we came up with a promotion for all the electrical appliances that have cooling capabilities.

As with the earlier advertisement, we came up with the header, body copy and images.

By now, we knew what was preventing the ads from delivering.

So we set up the ad with the tweaks in place, and the ad started to deliver almost immediately after it was approved by Facebook.

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Mother's Day Ad Campaign


For E-Commerce businesses, special events, occasions, observances and public holidays are opportunities to run contests, gain more fans and followers, and get more sales.

Mother’s Day was no exception. Here is an ad that offered a plush teddy bear for Free in exchange for likes, shares and comments.

The goal was to increase brand awareness, and favorable association with the brand.


When GoodStuff ads were not delivering, we stepped in and gave it a couple of tweaks. After that, it started to deliver to the target audience. There were plenty of likes and comments. More importantly, there were clicks and conversions.

We also advised GoodStuff that brand awareness is essential, especially for a new online marketplace. They agreed, and campaigns like the Mother’s Day Giveaway was implemented. There was an increase in brand awareness as word started to get out about a new ECommerce player in town.

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