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Client: Riverview Hotel Singapore

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing and Advertising - Riverview logo

Riverview Hotel is an affordable 4-star hotel, located along the scenic Singapore River, for business and leisure travelers.

Country: Singapore

Project: Facebook Marketing


To continue posting updates on their Facebook Page, and increase fans. Also, to work closely with the Advertising department on ad campaigns. The latter would include posts that lead interested visitors to a landing page with the offer.


Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Liverpool Football Club regular meet at Riverview HotelRiverview Hotel has many interesting and exciting events regularly. One of such events was the Liverpool Football Club’s regular meet at the al fresco area of their cafe.

It was truly an enjoyable experience. The food served by the cafe was delicious. There was even a barbecue!

The drinks kept flowing, and everyone was have a great time. The fans were jovial and friendly.

We were there to capture the moments, and share it on the Facebook Page.


Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Riverview Hotel's ever popular mooncakes

Riverview Hotel has some of the best chefs, and they create really yummilicious dishes and cakes.

Every year, when Autumn season arrives, there is the Mid-Autumn Festival.

And every year, like clockwork, the chefs bake their ever popular range of moon cakes.

Their signature Bak Kwa with Pine Nuts mooncakes are the best! Or so we heard. We never had the chance to try it. They were sold out fast!

Partly thanks to our Facebook Post alerting all the fans, with a link for them to make their orders immediately.


Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Special Deals to Increase Fans for Facebook PageAs stated above, one of the requirements by Riverview Hotel was to increase the fans of the Facebook Page.

We ran promotions and offers to achieve that goal. Here is one of the deals where anyone who likes the Facebook Page can drop by their Jade Lounge to enjoy a Free slice of their specialty cake.

Another choice fans have is to feast on the Saturday Lunch Buffet at the cafe with no service charge.

The link seen on the post led visitors to a landing page where they can get more details on how to have the deal fulfilled. There are also terms and conditions stated on the same landing page.

A simple promotion like this required coordination with the advertising department, the lounge and the cafe. The heads of departments were also advised on when the promotion began and when it ended. Information on the mechanics of the promotion was disseminated and coordinated with all departments, too.

The Events department had a special promotion, too, that required the help of the digital marketing team. It was a tie-in with NTUC when weddings booked at Riverview Hotel will receive 50,000 NTUC LinkPoints.

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Wedding Promotion tie-in with NTUC

A post about this promotion was updated on the Facebook Page. On the post, there was a link that led interested parties to a landing page. The landing page was designed with sales copy and call to action that encouraged leads to make an inquiry.


Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Thank You Post for 2,000 fansIn a short time, we increased the number of fans to 2,000. The General Manager of the hotel was pleased with the results.

We posted a Thank You message to all the fans.

But we did not stop there. We continued to increase the fans to greater numbers from then on.

The promotions with landing pages worked well. Sales in room bookings, event bookings, restaurants and cafes increased too. For example, the promotion mentioned above to increase likes, where the reward would be a specialty cake at the lounge or service charge waived at the cafe – it increased fans for the Facebook Page as well as drove traffic to the outlets, increasing patronage and sales.

If you have ANY questions about this post, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading this.

Best wishes to All!

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