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Content Marketing

Timotheus Note: This page was originally published on 27 June 2017. I have updated it on 2 October 2022 – new format aligned to new branding and updated some links.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing can offer huge growth potential for a business.

It is a digital marketing strategy where businesses have potential clients find their content and see great value in it. By then, most of the selling is done.

When the prospect contacts the business, they are already convinced that the business is the one they wish to work with or purchase a product or service from.

Take note from the above that there is hardly any high pressure sales tactics. In fact, most of the time, there is hardly any sales tactic when doing Content Marketing.

This is because the trust has been built.

When done well and correctly, the Return on Investment (ROI) can be phenomenal.

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Content Marketing is Good for SEO

Content Marketing provides additional content for all other Digital Marketing Strategies. In fact, aligned with the theme I am advocating now. And that is that SEO encompasses all Digital Marketing Strategies.

What this means is that SEO must play a part in all digital marketing strategies. As such, it can be considered that Content Marketing is a part of SEO.

For example, good content can be built on a business website that generates natural inbound links that is good for SEO.

The same quality content can be used for Social Media Marketing. This can produce strong social signals, which is also good for SEO.

Along the same lines, the content on social media can drive traffic to a business website as well as generate natural inbound links that contributes to the SEO efforts.

I am sure you can see where I am going with this?

One of the good SEO tactics is to create good and quality content. Then apply Content Marketing that will boost SEO efforts. This can result in higher ranking for your website, drive more traffic, and boost brand awareness and sales.

Why Does Content Marketing Work So Well?

A customer buying process basically starts with Awareness. The customer has a need. The question is – what is the solution to that need?

When the consumer becomes aware that there are solutions available, they start to do Research. They start looking around, trying to find that solution. They educate themselves on options, and find the one most suitable to meet their needs.

This brings us to the next step – Consideration. At this point, the consumer compares all the products or services that offers the solution. They compare points like features, pricing, etc.

This to make sure they get what they believe is the best quality product or service at the right price. Then they make the decision and Purchase.

From this buying process, you can see that Content Marketing plays a major part in the first three steps – Awareness, Research and Consideration.

Having the content out there on the Internet, it facilitates getting the customer Aware of possible solutions. The content then plays a part in the Research phase by educating the consumer about a product or service.

And when the customer needs information to Consider if the product or service is suitable, the content is able to provide that.

Forms of Content for Content Marketing

Content comes in many forms. Here, I will mention a few that are more popular for use with Content Marketing.

The first, of course, will be web pages. And I am talking about web pages that have content that people find useful, informative and helpful.

When you offer content like this, people will come to your website in droves. They may visit your website with the original intent to get some help regarding some topic.

As a result, they gain awareness of your business and the products or services you offer.

Nowadays, Infographics are popular and great for converting complex ideas into simple graphics. The graphics are usually long and vertical containing useful information, charts and graphs.

This form of content is effective when consumers find it useful, and share it.

Video is the Future.

I have said it, and I will continue to say this. Videos are great for creating brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, and even boosting sales.

They are easy to consume, appeal to the senses, and engages the viewers’ emotions.

They can affirm credibility, expertise and branding.

These are just a few examples of the content that can be used for Content Marketing. There are plenty more to be considered.

Think about it.

Of course, Content Marketing is so much more than just the above. I will cover more about it in my Blog.

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Content Marketing

Timotheus Final Word

You need to do Content Marketing to create awareness of your brand and business. And drive traffic to your website. Eventually, to get sales and revenue.

I have written some articles about the different content marketing strategies such as Video Marketing, Blogging, and more. And I will continue writing more articles to help you succeed with your business.

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If you have ANY questions about Content Marketing or any of the articles on this website, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

I look forward to sharing more training with you.

And I wish everyone immense wealth and success.

Your Online Business Coach

2 thoughts on “Content Marketing”

  1. I enjoy coming to this site as you always have such great information. Content marketing sounds like a great concept and I have been using SEO on my website and working hard to develop really great content. My question would be what is the best way to market the content? I know you talk about video being the future, how would I go about using video for marketing purposes.

    1. Hi Dena,

      Thanks for dropping by. Glad you enjoy this site. 🙂

      There is really no best way to market content. Each type of content has its unique way to market it.

      For video, it is great to share it on social media like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. People like to watch videos. So when you share it on these platforms, your followers will enjoy it. So will anyone who stumble upon your post. They will share it, and it will help with your content marketing.

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