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PPC – Pay Per Click

PPC – Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click, or PPC as it is commonly known as, is a Digital Marketing strategy where advertisers pay every time an online advertisement is clicked on. This includes Paid Search Ads, Display Network Ads, Social Media Advertising (for example Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Twitter Advertising, etc), Video Advertising, and Pay Per Click Remarketing.

The advertiser creates the advertisement, and chooses a specific target audience. Then offers a specific bid amount for the advertisement to be delivered on the chosen media. There are many factors that will determine if and when the advertisement is delivered to the specific target audience that the advertiser has chosen.

Bid Price

One of the factors is the bid amount. The way the advertising system works is it works on a bid auction system. If the bid is too low, the advertisement may not get any online ‘airtime’. This means it will have lower chances of being delivered, and as such few or no one will see the advertisement.

Some may choose to bid high in order to have a greater chance of beating the competitive auction bids. And as such, have a higher chance of their advertisements being shown. The problem with this is the organization will end up spending more than really necessary.

The best option is to bid at the optimal price where the ad spend is just right, and the advertisement still gets good visibility. And what is just right? This is where an experienced digital marketer makes the difference. With experience, the digital marketer will be able to determine the optimal bid for the optimal exposure for an advertisement.

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