A Memorable Voting Experience with Mom

A Memorable Voting Experience with Mom

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Introduction: A Day to Remember

Hi everyone! Today, I’m thrilled to share a heartwarming tale that unfolded on a significant day in Singapore – the Presidential Elections.

On this day, every Singaporean citizen is called upon to exercise their civic duty by casting their vote. However, what made this election truly special for me was the decision to turn it into an unforgettable event with my mom.

My mom all dressed up and ready to vote

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A Quest for Prawn Noodles and Civic Duty

Our adventure began with a plan to indulge in the popular prawn noodles that was sold at a food court near our home. However, to our surprise, the dish was already sold out, a testament to the bustling activity on Election Day.

Undeterred, we opted for Yong Tau Foo, a savory delight consisting of tofu and vegetables stuffed with delectable meat or fish paste, served either in a flavorful soup or with a choice of sauce.

My preference was the sweet sauce and, as you can see, I slathered the dish with it. My mom had the soup version. It was a delightful culinary experience, setting the tone for the day ahead.

Yong Tau Foo

Casting Our Votes

Following our scrumptious meal, we strolled over to the nearby voting station, conveniently located within a primary school. Thanks to my mom’s status as an elderly citizen, we enjoyed priority access, making the voting process swift and hassle-free. Witnessing the radiant smile on my mom’s face as she fulfilled her civic duty was truly heartwarming.

Now, I must admit that this election left me somewhat uncertain. I couldn’t find a candidate who truly inspired me. However, as the day progressed, I reflected on the importance of having a say in the direction of our nation.

So, I did vote. I know. Shocking, right? Hahaha

After voting, we returned to the food court. I bought one of my favourite drinks – kopi c siew dai. Those were standard local lingo for ordering coffee in Singapore. The word ‘kopi’ meant ‘coffee.’ The word or letter ‘c’ meant ‘evaporated milk.’ The words ‘siew dai’ meant ‘less sugar.’ What I ordered was hot coffee with evaporated milk and less sugar. It was delicious!

How to Order Coffee Like A Pro in Singapore
How to Order Coffee Like a Pro in Singapore

Balancing Priorities: A Delayed Book

Undoubtedly, this impromptu event caused a slight delay in my writing endeavors, particularly concerning my book. However, I found solace in the realization that I had created a beautiful memory with my mom.

While my passion for writing remained unwavering, I knew it could wait for another day.

In the hours that followed, I channeled my energy towards planning and scheduling. My agenda included mapping out a social media calendar for September 2023, crafting and uploading engaging videos on YouTube, and, time permitting, updating my website. Writing would have to take a temporary backseat, but the experience was undoubtedly worth it.

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A Memorable Voting Experience with Mom

Timotheus Final Thoughts

In retrospect, I’m immensely grateful for the decision to transform Election Day into a cherished memory with my mom. It served as a powerful reminder of the significance of civic duty and the beauty of shared experiences with loved ones.

As we conclude this heartwarming journey, I extend the same sentiment to you, dear readers. In the end, it’s moments like these that reaffirm the bond between our cherished relationships. They remind us that, as individuals, we contribute to a tapestry of shared experiences that make life truly meaningful.

Sweet Potato Soup made by my Mom
Sweet Potato Soup with Pumpkin made by my Mom

My mom made a pot of hot sweet potato soup with pumpkin. It was nice and comforting to enjoy a hot soup at the end of the day. The sweet potatoes and pumpkin were boiled to a softness such that it almost melts in my mouth. And the ginger soup was just nice with a light ginger fragrance. She was thoughtful to make the soup not too sweet too. Perfect!

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