Healing from Cancer
Timotheus Lee  

Day #5 of #8 – Radiotherapy Treatment – Unnecessary Delays

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It was already the 5th day of the radiotherapy treatment. And you would have thought the radiation therapists have a fixed schedule for my sessions.

But no, it turned out that they are quite disorganized.

Appointments Scheduled Later and Later

After my treatment, the usual next step would be to arrange for the next appointment. Logically, it would be the next day at the same time since this has been established.

But, this is where the team of radiation therapists became quite annoying. I don’t know what’s wrong with them but they kept delaying my treatment everyday.

The 1st treatment was at 12.20 pm. Then the 2nd and 3rd at 12.40 pm. Yesterday, 4th treatment was 12.50 pm. Today, they cut it very close to 1 pm.

I even noticed another patient who came later was given the treatment before me.

It’s all good if I have the luxury of time. But I don’t. The cancer society transport leaves at a specific time. If I’m not there, they would not wait, and just drive off. And I have to find my way home on my own, on the uncomfortable MRT train.

So, when they delay the treatment, it would end later. And that would be cutting it very close to the time the transport arrived, and pick me up.

I reminded them that I take the cancer society transport. The therapist said the session will end on time.

I reminded her that I’m not a young man. Plus, with the radiation treatment, I’ve been exhausted. So it would take me longer to walk to the pick up point.

It’s not like I could teleport from the radiation center to the pick up point.

I kept asking her why are they giving me a later time slot. She obviously has no good answer.

She finally relented and said we’ll go back to the 12.40 time slot.

Er …. duh. Isn’t that how appointments are arranged?

Once you find a time slot that is OK for the patient, you keep giving that time slot?

I was just so annoyed!

Delays Also Caused Inconvenience

Also, the delays caused me much inconvenience. It was because they needed my bladder to be full when I received the radiotherapy treatment.

As such, I had drunk 2 cups of water, about an hour before the treatment. This would ensure that the bladder is quite full by the time I was to receive the treatment.

So the longer they delay, the more uncomfortable I get. That uncomfortable feeling of the need to go to the rest room to relieve myself.

And I’m no spring chicken. As we age, it’s not easy to hold back a full bladder for a long time.

So, you can understand my frustration when they book my Monday appointment at an even later time.

I told them off.

Radiotherapy Team Needs Better Customer Service

Since my admission to the A&E, I’ve found the hospital staff to be really professional, warm, caring and friendly.

But not this radiation therapists team at the Singapore General Hospital .

I think they need to be trained on better customer service, bedside manner, compassion and more.

If you have ANY questions about this post, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Wishing you good health and wealth.


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