Day #4 of #8 – Radiotherapy Treatment – Settled Routine

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Daily Routine to Go for Radiotherapy Treatment

Today’s the half way mark for my radiotherapy treatment.

I had 4 radiotherapy sessions done, and 4 more to go.

By now, I had a kind of routine all set.

I would have a specific time by which I would be ready for the transport to take me to the radiotherapy treatment clinic. And even a specific time to leave my home to go to the pick up point.

I would have a specific time to have my light lunch. And a time to clear my bladder. Then a time to have the 2 cups of water that will fill my bladder later for the radiotherapy session.

And so on.

The Ride to Radiotherapy Treatment Clinic

I am still very grateful for the National Cancer Society Singapore for the free transport ride to the radiotherapy clinic. It was very nice to get all the way and back home in the shortest time possible.

For some reason, I still feel exhausted. And having transport from door to door (almost) was very comfortable.

Plus, I would not need to sit on the cold hard seat in the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). The seats on the free transport had a little cushion, which was much better than the MRT seats.

The only problem was the lack of cushioning whenever the van hits a bump on the road. It would be very bumpy, and I would feel pain at my hips area.

Other than these little issues, I am still very grateful for the free ride.

The Elderly Couple on the Transport

During the days I took the ride on the transport, there was an elderly couple who took the same van. While I had to go to Singapore General Hospital for my treatment, the gentleman of the couple had to go to National University Hospital.

They were a very nice couple. They were always chatty and friendly. And yet, respectful of the need for quiet while on the ride. And I mean they are not the type of people who would ask all sorts of intrusive questions while I took the ride.

They would greet the driver and me when they first board the van. Then they would quietly settle down, and be silent throughout the ride.

I found out from the drive that the husband had started treatment before me. And will continue till the end of June, which would be after me.

I was a little shocked that the gentleman had so many sessions. Then I was grateful that I only have 8 sessions to do.

And what’s more, I was already half done.

It was soon the weekend. Thankfully, there would no treatments on weekends. So, I’ll get a little break before the final 3 radiotherapy sessions.

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