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Client: GoodStuff

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GoodStuff is an online marketplace offering a wide range of products for the best prices.

Country: Singapore

Project: Facebook Marketing


Work closely with the GoodStuff team to create and run ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. One of the main issues was that the ads were not delivering. Also, the goal was to keep increasing sales for the ECommerce business.


Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Ad Campaign for Nakamichi speakers 1We mapped out an entire year’s marketing plan and strategy for GoodStuff.

Ad Campaigns were planned throughout the year plan, and special festivals and occasions were noted especially  for relevant unique offers.

One of the ad we ran was the ad campaign to promote the Nakamichi MyMaiku Bluetooth Speaker.

It was concurrent with the Soft Launch of their website.

We worked with the Sales department on the ideal pricing that was low enough to attract interest, and yet with enough profit to not make losses.

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Instagram Ad Campaign for Nakamichi speakers 1

The ad was implemented on Facebook and Instagram platforms.

For a few days, the ads were not delivering, just as GoodStuff experienced it. After a couple of tweaks, it started to deliver, and reached the target audience.

Here is another ad campaign that we did for GoodStuff.

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Instagram Ad Campaign to Beat The Heat

Singapore was experiencing a heatwave at that time.

While this was not originally in the marketing plan, our team reacted to the current situation.

And we came up with a promotion for all the electrical appliances that have cooling capabilities.

As with the earlier advertisement, we came up with the header, body copy and images.

By now, we knew what was preventing the ads from delivering.

So we set up the ad with the tweaks in place, and the ad started to deliver almost immediately after it was approved by Facebook.

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Mother's Day Ad Campaign


For E-Commerce businesses, special events, occasions, observances and public holidays are opportunities to run contests, gain more fans and followers, and get more sales.

Mother’s Day was no exception. Here is an ad that offered a plush teddy bear for Free in exchange for likes, shares and comments.

The goal was to increase brand awareness, and favorable association with the brand.


When GoodStuff ads were not delivering, we stepped in and gave it a couple of tweaks. After that, it started to deliver to the target audience. There were plenty of likes and comments. More importantly, there were clicks and conversions.

We also advised GoodStuff that brand awareness is essential, especially for a new online marketplace. They agreed, and campaigns like the Mother’s Day Giveaway was implemented. There was an increase in brand awareness as word started to get out about a new ECommerce player in town.

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Riverview Hotel Singapore

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Client: Riverview Hotel Singapore

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Riverview Hotel is an affordable 4-star hotel, located along the scenic Singapore River, for business and leisure travelers.

Country: Singapore

Project: Facebook Marketing


To continue posting updates on their Facebook Page, and increase fans. Also, to work closely with the Advertising department on ad campaigns. The latter would include posts that lead interested visitors to a landing page with the offer.


Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Liverpool Football Club regular meet at Riverview HotelRiverview Hotel has many interesting and exciting events regularly. One of such events was the Liverpool Football Club’s regular meet at the al fresco area of their cafe.

It was truly an enjoyable experience. The food served by the cafe was delicious. There was even a barbecue!

The drinks kept flowing, and everyone was have a great time. The fans were jovial and friendly.

We were there to capture the moments, and share it on the Facebook Page.


Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Riverview Hotel's ever popular mooncakes

Riverview Hotel has some of the best chefs, and they create really yummilicious dishes and cakes.

Every year, when Autumn season arrives, there is the Mid-Autumn Festival.

And every year, like clockwork, the chefs bake their ever popular range of moon cakes.

Their signature Bak Kwa with Pine Nuts mooncakes are the best! Or so we heard. We never had the chance to try it. They were sold out fast!

Partly thanks to our Facebook Post alerting all the fans, with a link for them to make their orders immediately.


Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Special Deals to Increase Fans for Facebook PageAs stated above, one of the requirements by Riverview Hotel was to increase the fans of the Facebook Page.

We ran promotions and offers to achieve that goal. Here is one of the deals where anyone who likes the Facebook Page can drop by their Jade Lounge to enjoy a Free slice of their specialty cake.

Another choice fans have is to feast on the Saturday Lunch Buffet at the cafe with no service charge.

The link seen on the post led visitors to a landing page where they can get more details on how to have the deal fulfilled. There are also terms and conditions stated on the same landing page.

A simple promotion like this required coordination with the advertising department, the lounge and the cafe. The heads of departments were also advised on when the promotion began and when it ended. Information on the mechanics of the promotion was disseminated and coordinated with all departments, too.

The Events department had a special promotion, too, that required the help of the digital marketing team. It was a tie-in with NTUC when weddings booked at Riverview Hotel will receive 50,000 NTUC LinkPoints.

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Wedding Promotion tie-in with NTUC

A post about this promotion was updated on the Facebook Page. On the post, there was a link that led interested parties to a landing page. The landing page was designed with sales copy and call to action that encouraged leads to make an inquiry.


Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Thank You Post for 2,000 fansIn a short time, we increased the number of fans to 2,000. The General Manager of the hotel was pleased with the results.

We posted a Thank You message to all the fans.

But we did not stop there. We continued to increase the fans to greater numbers from then on.

The promotions with landing pages worked well. Sales in room bookings, event bookings, restaurants and cafes increased too. For example, the promotion mentioned above to increase likes, where the reward would be a specialty cake at the lounge or service charge waived at the cafe – it increased fans for the Facebook Page as well as drove traffic to the outlets, increasing patronage and sales.

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Client: FinalBox

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FinalBox provides permanent online storage service. They USP is that the storage space they offer has no expiration date.

Country: Japan

Project: Facebook Marketing


FinalBox understood the power of social media to reach their target audience, engage them, and convert fans to customers. First and foremost, they desired to build their Facebook community.

Along the way, they wanted to increase engagement with them. They needed to make the posts interesting, and relevant to their business.

They just did not know how to do all that. So they sought us for help.


Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - FinalBox Facebook PageThe FinalBox team needed extensive training on Digital Marketing Strategy and Facebook Marketing. They wanted training and a consultant to provide advice. And we provided both.

Together with the team, we created a strong Digital Marketing Plan and Strategy. Then, we acted as coach and consultant as they implemented it.

Along the way, there was training on Facebook Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, and even Branding.

For the Facebook Page, we covered topics such as what topics to post on the page? What is the brand and voice of FinalBox? What is the Crisis Management procedure? And much more.

As the team became more adept at Digital Marketing, we took on a role of monitoring and mentoring, constantly helping them to stay on track and aligned to the strategy and plan.


Their Facebook community responded to the improved marketing efforts, and engaged FinalBox more. Of course, there was an increase in Likes, which means more Fans.

There was an increase in inquiries and higher traffic driven to their website from Facebook, and that resulted in increased sales.

Testimonial from Client

“Timotheus is extremely skillful at SNS. We find his advice on social media marketing as well as strategies to be invaluable. Concepts for content are superb with great copywriting. He brings great thinking to us. Much appreciated!

Timotheus is extremely skillful at digital marketing. We find his advice on social media marketing as well as strategies to be invaluable. Concepts for content are superb with great copywriting.

He brings many great ideas to us.

He is incredibly talented and knowledgeable. Much appreciated! I wish Timotheus and his team all the best, and would highly recommend any time.”

Mieko Yoshida, Owner, FINALBOX, Japan, 2014

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Expedition Agape – Facebook

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Client: Expedition Agape

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Website Design & Maintenance - Expedition Agape logo

Expedition Agape is a charity organization in Singapore, with working adult volunteers mentoring teenagers in challenging life circumstances, making a difference to local and overseas communities in need.

Country: Singapore

Project: Facebook Marketing


Like many organizations, Expedition Agape was at a loss on how to increase their Facebook community. Also, they would like to engage them on the social media platform.

The goal was to increase brand awareness. Then target those interested to be volunteers to join and participate in charity work. Also, the other target audience were the teenagers in challenging situations. Expedition Agape would like to let them know they have a place to turn to for help.

Lastly, and very importantly, they would like to attract people to attend their charity events where they would raise funds so that the charity work could continue.


Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing - Expedition Agape Facebook PageAfter we received the brief and requirements, we sat down with Expedition Agape to plan a strong Social Media Marketing Plan and Strategy. We also laid down parameters for topics, messages and postings to be communicated.

We began improving their Facebook Page, and then scheduled regular posts. After some time, with Insights, we were able to focus on optimum timings that most of the community is online. And we posted mostly during those peak hours.

At the same time, we ran Online Advertising Campaigns to boost brand awareness.


Expedition Agape’s Facebook Page originally had only 500 fans who liked the page. After our efforts, the number has increased by more than 300%. Today, the number is still rising albeit at a slower pace as per requirement by Expedition Agape.

The reason they requested for the efforts to slow down was because of resources on their end. They were concerned they may not be able to cope with the inquiries.

On the ROI (Return on Investment) for conversions, they reported they now have more volunteers. Before, they had difficulty in getting volunteers on board, and even to know about them. Now, that is not a problem as they have regular inquiries. And because the audience was very targeted, conversion of inquiries to volunteers is high.

The other ROI for teenagers was just as good. And still growing.

The best result was for the events. There was a immense climb in number of attendees for the charity events. As such, for every six month Leadership program, more than sufficient funds were raised to support this cause.

Testimonial from Client

“Over the months, the awareness of Expedition Agape has grown exponentially. We now see a regular and dedicated volunteer team with constant new referrals. Our Expedition Agape Facebook Page has also increased in likes, more than tripling from the original number of likes of 500 to more than 1,500. Through enhanced search engine optimization, we see more targeted as well as expanded outreach of our work to online netizens.”

Serene Koh, Founder, Expedition Agape

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Delcie’s Desserts

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Client: Delcie’s Desserts

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing and Advertising - Delcie's Desserts logoDelcie’s is the leading healthy bakery in Singapore serving cakes to health conscious consumers, those on diets, diabetics, vegans, vegetarians, plus people with eggs, dairy, soy, wheat and/or nuts allergies.

Country: Singapore

Project: Facebook Marketing


Delcie has wondered for a long time – How to engage my Facebook community plus attract them to visit my store?


Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing and Advertising - Increased Engagement and Sales
Click Image for Larger Version

We looked at Delcie’s Facebook Page. She has great products; such as lovely cakes, and delicious desserts. All her creations were very yummy. Trust us. We tasted.

But her posts never drew much attention. Likes were few. Engagement practically none.

After much thought, we realized that all Delcie needed was a simple tweak to her posts. We suggested to Delcie that since she is posting about her wonderful new cakes, why not offer free samples?

A simple call to action such as – Anyone wants to taste test for me? – would surely get some fans interested. Who doesn’t like some free samples right?


Delcie tried what we suggested, and that post received the highest number of likes and comments the Facebook Page ever experienced. Delcie reported to us that the number of people coming to her store increased. So did her sales for that day. ROI was more than 500%!

Testimonial from Client

“Timotheus is an incredibly talented and intelligent individual and consultant with exceptional marketing and branding insights. His creative and thoughtful approach to client relationships and business is truly enlightening and has helped me learn and understand how great business is done.

He is highly knowledgeable about digital strategy and marketing as well as best web and social media practices.

I consider him to be a social media authority. He is consistently going above and beyond to share his expertise with others, and to motivate individuals and businesses to elevate their own expectations of what their business can achieve.

I would highly recommend Timotheus as a vendor, client, and friend.”

Delcie Lam, Owner, Delcie’s Desserts, Singapore, 2014

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Ace Rental & Travels

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Client: Ace Rental & Travels

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing and Advertising - Ace Rental & TravelsAce Rental & Travels is a tours and car rental service company, offered to all guests with the signature warmth and friendliness that is well known in Myanmar.

Country: Myanmar

Project: Facebook Marketing


Increase Facebook Page community and engage them.


Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing and Advertising - Ace Rental & Travels Facebook Page
Click Image to See Larger Version

Ace Rental & Travels had no Facebook Page when we were first engaged by them. The first task was to set it up. Before that, we had a meeting with them to clarify branding requirements as well as social media strategy.

Setting up the Facebook Page was easy as we had done it numerous times for many clients. Besides just profile photo, cover photo, about info, and contact info, we customized the setting like we usually do, that is suitable for a business.

During the earlier mentioned meeting when we discussed the social media strategy, we clarified about the branding, business and marketing parameters that we would work with. For example, what posts are suitable for their Facebook Page?

Many businesses fail to look into this. It is important to know what topics are considered suitable by the client. Of course, we would advice them, too.

For Ace Rental & Travels, they are a travel agency. After much discussion, we agreed that the posts should be mainly about their business, what travel options they offer, and travel.

But then again, it can be boring to just keep posting about their services and travel. So we expanded the topics to what people who travel would like to see and know about. So we included topics like where to eat good food, what interesting places to visit, where to have fun, where to club, etc.

All, of course, related to Myanmar.

At the same time, we also ran Advertising Campaigns to increase brand awareness.


Within 3 months, more than 9,000 people liked their Facebook Page. After a year, they attracted the attention of investors.

Testimonial from Client

“Timotheus has a truly strategic digital mind whom I have had the pleasure of working with for the last four years. His work ethic and attitude are truly outstanding and he understands what it takes to succeed in the digital world.

Together with his team, they make a great digital marketing partner. They are fantastic in client liaison, with the ability to instill confidence in clients and describe highly technical specification using very user friendly terminology. The team worked tirelessly to promote and build ACE Rental and Travels across a range of social networks.

I look at them as my PR champions. They have raised our online visibility, strengthened our web presence, augmented brand awareness, and increased our leads. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone interested in a strategic digital marketing partner.”

Adrian Foo, Business Manager, ACE Rental & Travels

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How To Promote A Business Online? – Introduction – Part One

How To Promote A Business Online? A series of articles that will help business owners (or anyone with a website) to learn what are the essential strategies to help create awareness of your brand, to have high online visibility for your website and brand

How To Promote A Business Online? Part One

Your Customers Are Searching For You Online … Can They Find You?

Are you a local business owner? Or a business targeting a specific region?

Over the past few years, have you noticed a drop in demand for your products or services?

Or perhaps you are a new business, and sales has been really slow or not at all?

In my years of experience, I have met many businesses that were facing one of the above two situations. Of course, there were many other situations a business could be facing. Some businesses could be doing well and yearn to do better but do not know how to achieve that growth.

Whichever one of these situations that you are in, this series – How To Promote A Business Online – is for you. You will learn ways to increase brand exposure, Enhance Brand Awareness, draw traffic to your website, engage with people who are interested in what you are selling, and tactics to heighten the chances of converting prospects into customers.

To help you achieve all that, I will share with you the following:

Before all that, I will share with you why traditional marketing doesn’t work anymore, and why it is imperative that you start marketing online.

Traditional Marketing Is Not Working Anymore

The Internet revolution is well under way, and the way to reach and communicate with your target audience must change. Today, your target audience that you seek has become increasingly fragmented due to new technologies that allow them to experience media in myriad platforms.

The fact of the matter is that traditional media such as television, radio, magazines, and newspapers are well on their way to the fate of the dinosaurs. Advertising on traditional media to reach your market may work in the past, but it is no longer as effective as before, and will not bring in business as expected. This is particularly true for print media that many people do not pay attention to anymore.

Businesses that are still using such outdated forms of advertising are throwing away many thousands in expenses on ineffective marketing every month. It is easy to do a quick survey to find out if this is true. Simply ask a few people where their copy of the Yellow Pages is. The answers will astound you.

Some may say that they have it in some storage area, gathering dust. Some may have thrown it away (may even cite waste of space as a reason). How does that make you feel about the money you’re spending?

So where are people going to when they need to find products and service?

How To Promote A Business Online? - People are searching online to buy products and services
People are shopping online

The answer is the Internet.

They are scouring the Internet to connect with their friends and family, and search for products and services they need. So businesses that want to reach out to existing customers and have new customers find them simply must have a quality online presence. And this means not just having an ineffective website that looks like it was done as a school project.

Today, most websites are well thought out. The design, layout and content are interesting and informative. The interface and experience are personable. Due to the fact that many people now surf the Internet on mobile devices, many websites have become what is known as responsive websites.

All these effective websites utilize a myriad of savvy digital marketing techniques that improve their search rankings and make them stand out from their competitors. For example, if you have a site with no keywords in it and almost no backlinks, you are missing the boat and will never get to the top of the search engine results.

And having a website alone is not enough for your business nowadays. You need to be on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, etc., where your target audience is hanging out and communicating. Social media enables you to reach out and communicate with your target audience on a personal level. This is very powerful, and has never been available with traditional media.

Of course, besides having a website and being on social networks, there are other digital marketing techniques and strategies that you must do. We will discuss and explore all these in the rest of this series.

Why Is Internet Marketing Important?

In every form of media, there are specific marketing strategies that apply to that particular media. The Internet is no exception.  In order to get traffic to your website, you need to stay on top of these digital marketing strategies, and implement them. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on one of the most efficient and lucrative sources to get new customers for your business.

In my years of experience, I have encountered many local business owners who did not apply any digital marketing strategies to grow their customer base. This is simply because they have no idea what needs to be done.

It is understandable as digital marketing is so new and foreign to most business owners. They are so busy running their business, managing their staff, and taking care of their clients. And that is all right as they should rightly focus on their core business.

How To Promote A Business Online? - Which strategies to use? Where to start? Are many of the questions business owners often ask
Which strategies to use?

Some don’t even know where to start. Most don’t have the time to learn what digital marketing is all about. Plus, it is constantly evolving. So to keep themselves updated takes up quite a lot of time and effort.

Then there are those who know and understand the value of digital marketing, and how it can bring increasing returns to their businesses. They are aware of some digital marketing strategies, but don’t have the time and resources to do it. Like the other business owners mentioned in the previous paragraph, they are bogged down by the running of their business, staff management, and providing the best services and products to their existing clients. They, too, know that this is an arena where it is always evolving.

To find out if you are familiar with digital marketing, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are long-tailed keywords?
  • What is keyword density?
  • What is Web 0? And Web 3.0?
  • How do you set up an autoresponder?
  • How do you change the tags on your website?
  • How do you create videos and audios for your website?

If you don’t know the answers to the above questions, don’t panic. It is okay.

It is absolutely normal. You, like most business owners, have wisely spent your time focusing on your core role; that is to manage your business and ensure it become successful. You have mastered other aspects of your business that were crucial to your business.

But now, you need to learn more!

It is time for you to discover what needs to be done in order to have an effective Digital Marketing Plan for your business.

The Importance of Having a Good Online Presence

Today, most local business owners are running lean and hungry. Hungry for more business. Hungry for that sales phone to ring. Hungry for more customers to walk in through the door.  But the economic and business landscape is always changing, always in constant flux.

Today, reaching your target market cost-effectively is nothing like it was a decade or decades ago. Business owners need to understand these changes, adapt accordingly, and meet the challenges they are facing. This is essential to the survival of your business

Case Study:

In 2011, I was the newly appointed Business Development Manager of a local business that was spending thousands of dollars on Yellow Pages advertising. The business has been doing that for the previous past years, and nobody was tracking if this expenditure was bringing in any new customers.

A quick survey and phone calls to our current clientele proved that not one customer used the Yellow Pages to search and find that local business. Needless to say, when it was time to renew the advertising contract, I put a stop to it, and saved thousands of dollars for the company.

There would be those who are not savvy at digital marketing, and would be at a loss as to what to do with that big budget so as to get the best possible returns on the company’s marketing investment. All that money could be poured into online strategies that might either fall flat or backfire. The learning curve is sharp and unforgiving.

As someone who had been practicing digital marketing for 25 years, I knew and understood that this big budget needs to be re-channeled to advertising on the Internet so as to get the best possible returns on the company’s marketing investment.

Just like me, there are entrepreneurs who realize that the Internet is the future. In August 2014, Google reported that they now process “over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide”. This number grows by more than 40% to 60% each year. In fact, 81% of people search online before they make a purchase.

What is more important is that a large majority of these people search online for local services and products before making a buying decision. Very few turn to the local newspaper to find what they want. Even fewer think of the Yellow Pages anymore. This is why it is essential that local business owners need to have an online presence, and have effective digital marketing in place.

Unlimited Potential for Growth

Understanding how digital marketing works, and using the tactics and techniques correctly to promote your business can easily result in huge increase in sales. When your digital marketing strategies work effectively and there is increased sales, you create positive impact on your own business that can have positive effect on the world around you.

When you encourage more money to be spent locally by having a steady stream of new customers, you also improve your local economy. There could be fewer downsizing and layoffs. Sometimes, new jobs could even be created.

How To Promote A Business Online? - Digital Marketing can lead to High Potential Exponential Profit Growth
High Potential Exponential Profit Growth

In fact, no matter how the economy changes, because you are able to reach those who are interested to buy from you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and your business will grow. And that is what effective marketing is all about!

Digital marketing has the potential for exponential profit growth. If you’re not ready for your business to double or even more, stop reading now!

Important Statistics You Need To Know

Statistics are great for understanding your customers. Here are some statistics that show you how people are using the Internet to search for what they want:

  • Over 5 billion searches occur every day, and 1 in 3 searches is local.
  • 91.5% of people searching on Google will choose a business that is on the first page of their search results.
  • 5% of clicks go to the #1 ranked site of search results.
  • 6% of clicks go to the #2 ranked site of search results.
  • 4% of clicks go to the #3 ranked site of search results.

From the above statistics, you can see how important it is to have a strong online presence, to be ranked high for search results. Thus, it is imperative that your business develop and implement an effective digital marketing strategy. This is so that those looking for products and services that you provide can find you. Even when they don’t know your brand or business name.

Making Changes to Your Online Marketing Methods

You would like to get maximum results from your digital marketing plan and strategy. To achieve that, you will need to make some pretty drastic changes to your digital marketing methods. To help you with that, here are some insider facts you need to know.

First, it is a fact that there is a potential to grow your business using digital marketing. And that potential can be phenomenal, no matter what industry you are in. You just have to learn what needs to be done, and cultivate this opportunity.

There are six extremely useful digital marketing techniques that you should be doing. Again, you have to learn these techniques. Then put them into practice and you will be able to outperform your competitors quickly.

Have you ever heard of Online Local Domination? Well, this is a goal you need to accomplish. And you can do by learning and mastering a four step process. When you follow the four step process diligently, you will have higher chances of getting the results you desire.

Every marketing effort needs a good plan, and has the best results because of it. You will need to create a Digital Marketing Plan and follow it as closely as possible. A plan is essential for managing all the crucial tasks that can take your business to the top of the search results as well as attract new customers for you.

It is critical to do an Audit of Your Past Marketing Efforts, if any. By taking the time to thoroughly analyze what you have been doing in the past, you are better equipped to create and implement a new and better digital marketing plan. Also, you can measure the progress by comparing past results to results from your new digital marketing efforts.

Most business owners can get overwhelmed by the number of tasks required from the new digital marketing plan. This need not be so. You just need to make the tasks more reasonable by breaking them down into bite-sized chunks. A good place to start is to do the Tasks that are One-Time Jobs. Especially those that are also the foundation of your digital marketing plan. For example, content for your website. Make them into a checklist and have fun ticking them off.

Once the one-time tasks are done, focus next on the tasks that repeat. These would be the long-term commitments that require monthly, weekly, or even daily attention. For example, blog updates or Facebook postings.

Speaking of these long-term tasks that repeat and require constant attention, you should consider hiring a vendor to do this role. Perhaps even the entire digital marketing plan. The reason is these tasks take up a lot of time. You need to do research to find fresh, interesting and relevant articles or spend time creating your own unique ones. Then there is the copywriting to be done. This itself is an art.

Good copywriting captures people’s attention and inspires them to act; e.g. visit your website or make a purchase. Plus, good pictures and videos not only captivate an audience but also reinforce your brand image. Now, videos are the choice form of communicating with your target audience. Videos are great as they can appeal to the senses, touches the emotions, and is easy to digest. I believe the future is Video Marketing, and will share more about this later. All this require the right digital marketing partner with the right experience, expediency and skills to help you make your digital marketing a success.

Finally, you need to create a system for tracking the results of your digital marketing efforts. More importantly, it can determine and improve your Return On investment (ROI) thereby measuring the increase in your business income.

This is just an example of how tracking your digital marketing results are useful. There are, of course, many other ways to track and measure the performance of your digital marketing efforts. By doing so, you know how your business is growing, and how to further enhance the growth through digital marketing.

That’s all I have for the introduction. I know it’s lengthy. I did think of breaking this introduction into two parts, but thought better not to. After all, it is an introduction. And also I was concerned that when done in two parts, the essence of the points may be diluted.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please share this post. And of course, definitely leave a comment for me. I would love to hear from you.

Continue the series to Part Two – How To Promote A Business Online – 6 Things You Should Be Doing.