How To Find Keywords For A Website The Right Way

How To Find Keywords For A Website The Right Way

How To Find Keywords For A Website The Right Way

Over the years, as I consult for businesses or when I deliver presentations at conferences, forums and seminars, I met many business owners, marketers, digital marketing specialists, and even experts from agencies who are doing their keyword research completely wrong. Some do not even know what is keyword research, the importance of it and How To Find Keywords For A Website The Right Way.

At the same time, I cannot really fault them for that. They had been led astray by a lot of the noise out there, all that bits of misinformation. Most of which hardly share the essentials of keyword research. In this post, I will share those with you.

How To Find Keywords For A Website The Correct Way - Get Ranked On 1st Page of GoogleAs a website owner, I am sure you want search engine success. You want your website to Get Ranked on First Page of Google, and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. If this is true for you, then it is imperative that you must understand the importance of keywords, how to do keyword research, how to find the right and high quality keywords for your website.

But first things first. Let us discuss the basics such as What Are Keywords? How to Do Keyword Research? And finally, I will share with you the THREE Key Pillars of Effective Keyword Research.

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What Are Keywords?

So, what are keywords?

It starts with a person goes looking for a product or service such as the one your business provides. This person does not know your brand, your product, your service or anything about your business.

Then goes to Google and other search engines to find websites providing information of the product or service as well as selling them. The same person types in words to do a search; for example, How To Find Keywords For A Website The Right Way.

Search engines like Google returns pages of search results with listings. Each listing is a link to a website or web page. The words that the person enters for search are Keywords.

Why Are Keywords Important?

How To Find Keywords For A Website The Correct Way - Optimize Your Website with High Quality Keywords and Get Ranked On 1st Page of GoogleGoogle and other search engines are in the business of providing quality and relevant search results for their users. Imagine if Google or other search engines show a listing of cake stores when the user is searching for affordable and good hotels?

Very soon, users will abandon using that search engine because the results have no relevance, and no quality. So, can you see how important it is for search engines to show good search results?

On the website owner side, that is you, it is important for you to find the right keywords that reflect accurately what product or service you are providing. With high quality keywords and relevance, your website can reach 1st Page of search results such as those of Google.

Another very important point is that there has been a report by Chitika that  91.5% of users choose a business that is on the first page of search results. This means that websites on first page get more traffic that they can convert into customers, buying customers!

How to do Keyword Research?

In a very short time, I will show you how to do effective keyword research using a very powerful tool. It is the same keywords tool that I use to get my website and all my clients’ websites to first page of Google and other search engines.

It is also the same keywords tool that I use for content marketing, where content created are ranked high on search results too. And the same keywords tool can be used for your online advertising campaigns.

I will keep the process very simple. It does not need to be complicated. All you have to do is take action on what I teach you.

Deal? Are you ready?

Here we go.

The 3 Main Pillars of Effective Keyword Research

When doing keyword research, there are THREE things that I always check and make sure of. I will show you what are these THREE things that I call the 3 Main Pillars of Effective Keyword Research.


When I start with keyword research, whether for a website, blog post, online video or online advertising campaign, I focus on this metric. When a keyword is shown to have too much competition, also referred to as high competition, I will not consider using it.

The reason is that with high competition, it is harder to rank a website for those keywords. It will take longer, and most times will not even reach 1st Page. Without the online visibility of being on 1st Page, there will be no traffic. With no traffic, there will be no one visiting your website, no one to convert as a customer.

  • * Important!  –  No ranking = No Point!

The metric to look for, that reveals to you about the amount of competition, is a metric called QSR. It means Quote Search Results. This is a valuable metric, and as far as I am aware of, there is only one keywords tool that offers this piece of data efficiently.

And that is Jaaxy.

This is the same keywords tool I used to Get My Website On 1st Page of Google as well my clients’ websites too. QSR tells you the EXACT number of web pages in Google that are competing for high search ranking with those keywords. This number is your REAL Competition!

* Tip: Make sure the QSR is less than 300
(this means 300 competing pages in Google).

The lower the number of QSR, the closer to ZERO, the better. But not too close to ZERO and make sure there is traffic, which comes to my next point.

This is the First Keyword Pillar – Under 300 QSR!

2. Must Have Traffic!

In all the presentations I deliver at conferences, business forums and seminars, I always highlight that having traffic for the selected keywords is Very Important!

There is no point in choosing the keywords that have ZERO traffic. Sure you can rank high faster. Maybe even reach Page 1 of search results. But what is the point of being on 1st Page if there is no one using those keywords to search?

ZERO traffic for keywords = ZERO traffic to your website

So how much traffic is ideal?

Most people will say as high as possible. But take note, keywords with high amount of traffic usually have high competition. This means that it will be harder to rank high or on 1st Page of search results.

Again, lack of online visibility = less or no traffic = no point!

One rule of thumb I follow and use is that as long as the search term has over 50 searches per month, it is a candidate for use as keywords. Again, balance this with competition. If competition is still high for 50 or slightly over 50 searches, try to find other keywords that has better results.

Some of you will say that 50 searches is so low. That is true. But you are not going to just use one keyword phrase. For every page of content you create for your website, you can use keywords.

Each page with keywords get ranked high, and you add up the traffic of all to get substantial traffic. Also, with lower competition, these moderate traffic keywords usually are more relevant and can convert better. 

Second Keyword Pillar – Over 50 searches per month

3. Must Make Sense

There are keywords that can have high traffic and low or moderate competition. These are tempting to use. But watch for those that syntactically do not make sense. 

For example, the title of this article is How To Find Keywords For A Website The Right Way. The title makes sense because the target keywords fit naturally within the title. It also works and is natural when writing it into the main body of the article.

See this – How To Find Keywords For A Website The Right Way vs How Find Keywords Website Right Way

You can see the latter will be hard to to use in the main body text. Also, as a title it really does not make sense. 

Just as important, Google and other search engines now notice keywords and content that are natural. What this means is they give preference to text written in a natural way. Not words awkwardly forced into content just for ranking.

The reason is the content is for people. It should make sense to people. 

* Tip: Write content for people, not search engines

Third Keyword Pillar – Must Make Sense To A Human Being!

So, are you ready to try some keyword research?

Consider the topic or theme of your website. Think of keywords people will use to find products or services like what you are offering.

Type it in to the FREE Keywords Tool below.

Remember to follow the THREE Pillars of Keyword Research!

When you do, you will be super successful going forward. I can assure you of that!

If you have any questions about keyword research or how to find quality keywords to use on your website, just ask. I have 25 years of digital marketing experience, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Best wishes,


Expedition Agape – SEO

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - SEO - Expedition Agape Header

Client: Expedition Agape

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Expedition Agape logo

Expedition Agape is a charity organization in Singapore, with working adult volunteers mentoring teenagers in challenging life circumstances, making a difference to local and overseas communities in need.

Country: Singapore


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Project: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Expedition Agape came to us with a problem. Their website was not ranked on first page of google or any other search engines. As such, they had very little Online Visibility.

This affected them because they relied on acquiring new volunteers for their leadership program. It is a six-month program that requires travel for a couple of weeks. There were existing volunteers who could join them for every trip. But not all volunteers have that luxury. Hence, the need to constantly recruit new volunteers.

In addition, because Expedition Agape is a volunteer-driven charity, they needed to raise funds via fundraising events or corporate sponsorship. With low brand awareness and reach, this was an uphill task for them.

The challenge given was to rank the Expedition Agape website on the First Page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing thereby increasing brand awareness and driving more traffic to the website.


After extensive discussion and long meetings with the founders of Expedition Agape, we understand that while they would like an increase in brand awareness, and more volunteers, there is a need to have it in moderation.

This is because, as mentioned above, they are a volunteer-driven charity organization. Even the founders are doing it on a volunteer basis. The concern was that if there were too many inquiries, they may find it hard to cope with attending to all of them.

With that in mind, we sought for a long-tailed keyword phrase that would have sufficient traffic. Not too many so that they get overwhelmed. Just nice to get enough new blood to the organization.

We did extensive research, and found the ideal keywords for them.

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - SEO - Keyword Research for Ideal Keywords to Rank

The traffic may not look like a lot. But bear in mind that this was long-tailed keyword. Plus, it was low hanging fruit keyword. So this made the phrase an ideal candidate.

Also, studies have found that long-tailed keywords convert better. This was because people who used this term usually were very sure of what they were looking for. They were not simply browsing.

With that in mind, we started to apply On Page SEO and Off Page SEO to the Expedition Agape website.


Within a month, we ranked their website on First Page of Google. Till today, they have remained on that page. Check out the keyword phrase – Charity Events in Singapore – and you will see them on that first page.

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - SEO - Expedition Agape Website Ranked on 1st Page of Google
Click Image for Full Page View

After they have reached First Page, the founders gave us feedback that they have received more inquiries that converted to new volunteers. A check on Google Analytics also discovered that more traffic was driven to their website. There was an increase by 383%.

We have achieved the increase in brand awareness as well as increasing their volunteers at a rate they are comfortable with. Even, the teenagers who needed help learned about Expedition Agape, and reached out for help.

Testimonial from Client

“Over the months, the awareness of Expedition Agape has grown exponentially. We now see a regular and dedicated volunteer team with constant new referrals. Our Expedition Agape Facebook Page has also increased in likes, more than tripling from the original number of likes of 500 to more than 1,500. Through enhanced search engine optimization, we see more targeted as well as expanded outreach of our work to online netizens.”

Serene Koh, Founder, Expedition Agape

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If you have ANY questions about this post, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading this.

Best wishes to All!