How To Rank On YouTube?

How To Rank on YouTube

How To Rank On YouTube?

In today’s post, I am going to share with you How To Rank On YouTube with your videos. I will first start with why it is important to get ranked on the First Page of Youtube?

Then I will share with you some of the videos that I have already ranked on First Page of YouTube. Just a few of the many videos that I have ranked because if I showcased them all, this will be a very long post.

Tell you what, in case there are readers interested to see all the videos that I have ranked, I will add them to my Portfolio soon. That way, after you read this post, and if you want to see more of my case studies, you can refer to them there.

The last part of this article will be about How To Get Your Video Ranked on The First Page of YouTube? If you read some of my earlier posts, you will be in for a pleasant surprise to see how it all ties in.

Will not give more details at this point as I do not want to ruin the surprise. Let’s start, shall we?

Why Is It Important to Get Ranked On First Page of YouTube?

Video is the future. I have said this often. It is the future of marketing. It was the big success story of 2016, and so far in 2017 it is still the star. And it will be for a long while.

Here we present what research has found out so far about video marketing:

  1. By 2019, video will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic (SmallBizTrends)
  2. 64% to 85% of consumers are likely to buy a product after watching a video about that product (Hubspot)
  3. 76% of businesses say that video provides good return on investment (wyzowl)
  4. 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others (Source: RendrFx)
  5. More than 60% SMB owners and marketers plan to increase investment in video (animoto)

And why YouTube? Why is it important to get ranked on First Page of YouTube?

  1. YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of total internet users. (YouTube)
  2. More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day  (WordStream)
  3. 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week. (WordStream)
  4. YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year (Hubspot)

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are lots more data and statistics that prove video is now the media that people prefer to consume from the Internet.

And if that is the case, when you promote your business, your products and services using videos on YouTube, you gain higher online visibility. Also, the opportunity to convert viewers into customers.

Videos That I have Ranked On First Page of YouTube

I have ranked many videos on the First Page of YouTube. As I mentioned earlier, it will be too many to add to this article. And will result in a really long post, which I have heard from some people that they prefer shorter posts.

So here are some of the videos that I have Ranked on First Page of YouTube:

Keyword Phrase: Baby Bath Tub

Rank on YouTube: Number 3

This is an amazing achievement. For a generic keyword phrase like Baby Bath Tub, the video is ranked Number Three out of 4,050,000 videos!

You can imagine how competitive this generic keyword phrase is. Those selling Baby Bath Tubs should talk to me about doing Video SEO for them! (And not just them. Anyone selling anything online should talk to me about this.)

Additional note: This video is also ranking on First Page for many other keyword phrases like Outdoor Pond, Recycle Baby Bath Tub, and more.

How To Rank On YouTube - Baby Bath Tub - small
Click On Image above for Larger Image

Keyword Phrase: Things To Do In Changi Airport

Rank on YouTube: Number 6

This video used to rank higher. Over time, new videos took its place, and it is now steady at Number 6. It is also ranking on first page for other keyword phrases; such as Things To Do In Singapore Changi Airport.

It is fantastic when a video ranks for many different keyword phrases. This means people are finding the video with a healthy variety of keywords, and it is getting traffic from all the various keyword phrases.

How To Rank On YouTube - Things To Do In Changi Airport - small
Click On Image above for Larger Image

Keyword Phrase: Malay Wedding

Rank on YouTube: Number 1 !!!

Another video ranking well with a very competitive keyword phrase. It took some time, and now it is Number One !!!

Like the videos above, it is also ranking for other keyword phrases such as Malay Wedding Drummers and Malay Wedding in Singapore.

Do you have an event? Or are you an event planner? You need to get your videos on First Page of YouTube too!

How To Rank On YouTube - Malay Wedding - small
Click On Image above for Larger Image

Keyword: Petronas Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur

Rank on YouTube: Number 4

Travel sites can benefit from having their videos on First Page of YouTube. The amount of organic traffic is great for business. This is one of the many videos we do for travel website – Asia Travel Gems.

And many of them are on First Page of YouTube. We even have their playlists on the First Page!

How To Rank On YouTube - Petronas Twin Towers - small
Click On Image above for Larger Image

Keyword: The Face Suites Kuala Lumpur

Rank on YouTube: Number 2

Here’s another one for Asia Travel Gems. Number Two on YouTube. Sweet!

This time it is for a hotel. Any hotel will benefit from being on the First Page of YouTube. It is an opportunity to showcase the rooms, the facilities, cafes, restaurants, and all that a hotel has to offer.

How To Rank On YouTube - The Face Suites Kuala Lumpur - small
Click On Image above for Larger Image

Again, I have lots more videos ranked on First Page of YouTube. Will update my Portfolio soon. Watch for it!

How To Get Your Video Ranked On First Page of YouTube?

The first and most important element is Keywords!

Keywords are words that people use on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even YouTube to search for what they want or need. And it is critical to know what keywords people are using to search for products and services like yours.

With the right keywords, you can apply Video SEO tactics to get your video ranked on First Page of YouTube. But first, you must know how to find the right keywords. Read my article – How To Find Keywords For A Website The Right Way – for more info.

To Find Right Keywords, Use This Free Keywords Tool

After you have read that article, proceed to this other article – Get Ranked On First Page With 7 Video SEO Tips. It will provide you some tips and tactics to get your video ranked on the First Page of YouTube, just like what I achieved for my videos. The tips include keywords (of course), titles, tags, social media, video marketing, and more.

If you have ANY questions about this post, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading this.

Best wishes to All!


Get Ranked On First Page With 7 Video SEO Tips

Get Ranked On First Page With 7 Video SEO Tips

Get Ranked On First Page With 7 Video SEO Tips

What is Video SEO? What is its importance in making your Video Marketing strategy a success?

Here, we present 7 Video SEO Tips that will get you ranked on first page of YouTube, and even Google and other search engines.

Get Ranked On First Page With 7 Video SEO Tips

There are several ways of making a successful digital marketing strategy. Yearly, digital marketing trends differ on many aspects, but there are strategies that stand firm and are used effectively by many businesses, big and small.

One of these persisting and effective type of digital marketing strategy is Video Marketing. But Video Marketing alone is not enough. Video SEO needs to be done in order for it to be successful.

The effectiveness of Video SEO have slowly paved its way to be one of the most used digital marketing strategy for any business. Video SEO created opportunities for small and large companies to penetrate markets and create engaging videos that result to higher sales rate.

As easy as some companies are able to grasp the advantages of Video SEO, other companies still seem to lag on this amazing digital marketing strategy. To make things easier to understand, you must first know the difference between Video Marketing and Video SEO.

Yes, these are two different things but are still part of digital marketing. By definition, Video Marketing is the use of videos or video contents to endorse a company, product, service, brand, promotions, etc.

Video SEO on the other hand, is improving the online visibility of the video content of a company on search engine result pages by improving the video’s ranking.

Video Marketing, in other words, is the “whole” strategy, and Video SEO is part of it. Although Video SEO is part of video marketing, it plays a big part on making the strategy effective and rank better on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

This is why Video SEO is not to be ignored or given little effort. Without the right amount of effort on Video SEO, the video marketing strategy of a company may find it hard to keep up with the competition.

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Why Online Video is the Future of Content Marketing?

Many businesses have taken advantage of online videos in order to reach their target audience and customers. There are many success stories of videos that have gone viral.

For example, the campaign by Volkswagen that had its trio of videos collectively viewed 155 million times. Watch one of the three videos below. This case study demonstrated the video’s inherent power of shareability.

Videos can capture the viewers’ attention because of easy consumption. The striking images, soundtrack, dialogue or voiceover and storyline appeal to the senses and engage the emotions of the audience. This can lead to them sharing the video with their friends and family.

In addition, this drives traffic to your website, they will spend more time on the website and interacting with your brand. Online videos can affirm credibility, expertise and branding that leads to higher sales conversions.

Online Videos Brings You Closer To Your Customers

Words can be good way of communicating to customers, but a picture can tell a thousand words, and a video is even better.

Get Ranked on First Page with Video SEO - Videos communicate beyond wordsArticles can be great in introducing facts, but there are instances where it can be misunderstood or may seem a little more complicated for customers. Explaining things and facts to customers may seem boring when presented in paragraph form.

Videos on the other hand can explain the information you want to convey easily without taking too much of their time. It also creates a better “human” feel to the video since customers will view it as another person talking to them and not just another advertisement.

More Engaging and Educational

Get Ranked On First Page With 7 Video SEO Tips - Videos are engaging and educationalIf you can make a customer to stop whatever he/she is doing to watch your video until the end, then you have made the content engaging. The attention span of a normal person can be very short, and not catching a customer’s attention immediately will make your brand less interesting.

Audiences seek videos that answer their questions directly and covers most, if not all, the important issues that they may have for a business, product or service. When gathering information and creating content, be sure to create videos that are engaging and educational at the same time.

Online Videos Brings Your Branding To Another Level

Introducing a product or service and making sure it stays on a person’s mind can be tricky. Without a particular thing that can interest them, customers will eventually forget your brand.

Videos can close the gap on this especially when the video clearly shows the advantage they can get from your brand compared to others. Online videos allows your brand to be recognized with the help of the information you include in the video.

Brings Higher Click Through Rates

Get Ranked On First Page With 7 Video SEO Tips - Videos encourage higher click through ratesVideos encourages most customers to check a website and eventually click on other items, contents and videos that your website offers. And making your videos shareable will enable your customers to share and let others check your site. Higher click through means higher ranking, and higher ranking means you have better video contents compared to other sites.

As your video goes viral and is spread by more people, you are able to build links without much effort. Your customers build links for you by sharing your video/s through social media, personal blogs and other sites. Anything that they feel comfortable with and they see interesting or educational will be shared, and videos are not an exemption.

Online Videos Can Encourage Sales

Videos can be very encouraging even to the point of making customers buy the products or services you bring to their table. TV commercials act almost the same as the videos you include for your digital marketing. Only this time, you can have better control the target market you want to watch your videos and you can have a competitive edge over other businesses online.

What is Video SEO?

As you can see, Video Marketing is a very important and powerful part of a digital marketing strategy. But without an exceptional Video SEO strategy, the Video Marketing has lower chances of being a success. In order to use Video SEO effectively, it is a must to know what it is first.

To put it simply, Video SEO is the use of videos containing information or description that are often searched by users of search engines. Google, the most used search engine, started to recognize Video Marketing as a SEO tool in May 2007 together with the release of their Universal Search.

Videos are ranked mostly by their descriptions and SEO keywords. The more relevant the keywords are for the video description or title, the greater the chances that the videos of a business are ranked higher.

What Are The 7 Video SEO Tips to Get Ranked On First Page?

Video SEO has been proven to play a big part on successful digital marketing strategies. And most businesses who do it right rank well on search engine result pages, allowing them to have a better chance of being successful in terms of digital marketing.

Still, there are businesses who use Video SEO as part of their Video Marketing strategies yet fail to see its effect on their progress.

But how can you utilize it successfully?

To make it easier for your company to accomplish your goals for an effective Video SEO, you should be aware of some tricks that big and small companies do. Here are seven tips you can use for your Video SEO and have your videos ranking in no time.

1.   Gain Attention Through Engaging And Spot On Titles

Titles are very important and have been part of SEO ranking for SERPs, and this includes Video SEO. As search bots are still unable to scan and rank the contents of the videos, Video SEO allows a video to rank on the topics that it is most related to.

Get Ranked On First Page With 7 Video SEO Tips - Titles are Important for Video SEO and helps to get your video found

Having titles that will be on organic searches will definitely grab a consumer’s attention and will also increase the chance of being ranked higher.

Being ranked with your choice of keywords in the title is one thing, but making it interesting for consumers is another. Although SERPs most likely will show videos with keywords most searched for by consumers, the value of the video will be judged and are mostly made viral by the consumers.

Your video will lose credibility if you use false or misleading titles. This will make your consumers start to lose interest on your site no matter how interesting your other videos are.

2.   Check On The Tags You Will Use For Your Videos

Tags play a big role in keeping any of your contents on high ranks or SERPs. Tags determine the relevance of your keywords and make your video more visible on SERPs.

To refresh your tags 101, there are four common types of tags: Specific, Compound, Generic and Misspellings. Each tags can be used but should not be abused in your Video SEO.

Use words that are either common or are currently being used often. Uncommon and extravagant words can be great on your ears, but not for your consumers. Common words still hit higher results than over the top words.

3.   Include Relevant and Most Searched Keywords

Keywords play a big part in SEO and this is true even in Video SEO. The richer and more relevant the keywords used in both the title and the description, the better chance for your video to be on top ranks of SERPs.

As mentioned above, search bots are still incapable of skimming through videos’ contents. Thus, search engines rely mostly on the keywords used in the titles and the descriptions.

Make sure you use the hit keywords as your Video SEO strategy in order to be ranked on the SERPs higher. It won’t hurt to do some research on search engines on most popular videos that comes up in the results from the keywords that you want to use.

This will help you assess the ranking that you might get should you use a keyword or two and which keywords would likely give your video a hit.

Need to Find the Right Keywords?
Take a Look at this Free Keywords Tool

4.   Live Up To Your Title

In the race to being on higher ranks for videos, having a full description that lives up to the title and the content of the video is a must. Most video contents include having a full and well-constructed content’s description as an effective Video SEO strategy.

This means having descriptions with tags and keywords that will encourage a viewer or consumer to watch the video. Take note, however that there is a limit to your Video SEO strategy that focuses on the keywords.

Yes, Video SEO may rely a good percentage on keywords, but it does not mean you need to drown your description with all the keywords that you think are great. Overuse of keywords and tags or also called “keyword stuffing” will be noticed by search engines and will eventually get banned or ranked low on SERPs. Creating descriptions with a good density of keywords must not be overlooked to make your Video SEO a success.

5.   Take It To The Media; In This Case, The Social Media

Get Ranked On First Page With 7 Video SEO Tips - Social Media is a powerful way to get your video noticed

Social media is a phenomenon that can be used for your Video SEO. Not convinced? According to a study made by, in 2014 the 52% of adults who go online uses two or more social media sites. This alone will tell you the significant turn of events should you allow your videos to be shared by millions using social media.

When you include social media in your Video SEO strategy, it means you will allow consumers and viewers to share your videos. Sharing your videos mean more click through.

The higher the click through that you generate, the higher the percentage of sale. Using social media for our Video SEO strategy hits two birds in one stone: brand recognition and trust, and a generating higher sales.

6.   Encourage Visitor to Subscribe to your Video Channels

Video channels like YouTube places a lot of emphasis on user experience. Two of the most important user experience signals are subscriptions and likes.

Get Ranked On First Page With 7 Video SEO Tips - Remember to ask visitors to Subscribe to your channel

When a visitor subscribes and/or likes your video and video channel, a strong signal is sent to the video platform that your video or video channel is popular.

Increase subscriptions and likes by asking and encouraging visitors to do exactly that. You can do that at the start of the video or at the end (preferably) of your video using the call to action messages; for example the call-to-action overlays on YouTube.

7.   Mention Your Video on Other Sites

Point 5 suggested having social media links for your viewers to share your video. Conversely, you should also mention your video on other sites including social media sites. This will drive traffic to your video.

But be careful not to place your video link all over the place. This is a sure-fire way to get banned. Remember that search engines also value quality and relevant links. So mention your video at sites that are related to the information provided in your video.


Video SEO is an amazing tool in achieving great ranking for your business in search engine results and also allows you to see better results for your ROIs. It is a part of Video Marketing that should not be ignored or give the least attention.

These approaches may come as a challenge at first, but will definitely put your Video SEO strategies on high standards. Not only will this put your videos on high ranks, but also generate sales and better brand recognition among your competitors.

With your engaging videos added with outstanding Video SEO strategies, your Video Marketing will surpass all your other digital marketing strategies in terms of efficiency and delivering great results for your company.

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If you have ANY questions about this post, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading this.

Best wishes to All!


CMI Invest Pte Ltd

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Video Marketing - CMI Header

Client: CMI Invest Pte Ltd

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Video Marketing - CMI Invest Pte Ltd logo

CMI INVEST PTE LTD is a company that identifies investment opportunities that bring optimal returns for traders and investors.

Country: New Zealand


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Project: Video Marketing


Not many know of NoaFX, or the powerful MT4 trading platform they provide. The challenge was to create brand awareness of NoaFX’s MT4 trading platform while at the same time educate consumers about a better way of Forex Trading.


Video is the future. It is easy to consume and engages the human emotions. Also, it can convey ideas and concepts very quickly within a few seconds to minutes.

That is why more and more businesses are using videos to promote their products and services. And that was how we convinced CMI Invest Pte Ltd to invest (no pun intended) on producing a video for their online marketing strategy.

Here is the video we created for them:

Videos used to take up a lot of time and effort. It still does, but at a fraction of the time compared to before. This is because the technology has advanced.

Still, like any video, we started with the script. Then the storyboard. The designers and programmers then took the storyboard and script to the next level. And they created the above video.

This video is also part of a strong online marketing campaign that included SEO, Social Media Marketing, landing pages, autoresponders, Facebook Advertising (PPC), and more.


There was an increase in brand awareness, particularly for the target audience. There were more than 1,000 Likes for the Facebook Page in a short time, and it is still growing daily.

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If you have ANY questions about this post, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading this.

Best wishes to All!