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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of Direct Marketing. This strategy uses electronic mail sent to your target audience. The emails can be sent for various purposes.

One of the purposes is to welcome any new sign ups to your business. Another is to nurture a relationship with those who signed up. Customer loyalty is built over time, and that leads to new purchases and repeat sales.

Emails can be also sent like ‘cold calls’. These types of emails are like advertisements, promoting a product or service with the intent to get the recipient interested in a service or product.

Email Marketing is a very powerful Online Marketing tactic, second to Search Marketing

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Advantages of Email Marketing

There was a time when Email Marketing was thought on its death throes. That was mainly due to the very unpopular spam. But today, like a phoenix from the ashes, Email Marketing has become a very popular strategy.

This is mostly because the technique has improved over the years. And more importantly, the Return on Investment (ROI) can be tracked. Today, Email Marketing is the second most effective online marketing tactic.

The other advantage of Email Marketing is that it can reach out to a substantial number of email subscribers. The subscribers are interested in the topic communicated to them, and have given permission to receive emails.

Almost everyone uses email. Whether to communicate on a personal level with friends and loved ones or for business purposes. And they check emails every day. So chances of emails sent to them to promote a product or service is high, especially when they have opted in.

With emails, your business can customized messages to your target audience. You can, and should, personalize your messages, making your communication relevant to them. And this is very powerful.

Emails can also enable recipients to respond immediately. For example, to sign up for events, to make purchases, and even revive abandoned carts.

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

The main disadvantage of Email Marketing is that the emails can be seen as spam or junk by the email program that the subscriber uses. And this can result in the email being thrown into the spam or junk folder.

As a result, all the efforts to reach out to the recipient will be wasted since most people do not really look into the spam or junk folder.

One way around this is to have the opt in function. This is where the subscriber gives permission to the sender to send emails to them. Also, most businesses now inform the subscriber to look into the spam or junk folder first time round.

And request that they move the email back to the Inbox folder as well as add the send email address to the Address Book. This way, the email program will see future emails received as approved and not spam.

The Email Sales Funnel

Emails can help businesses to close sales. The other Digital Marketing Strategies drive traffic to your business website. Once visitors arrive at your website, your job is to have a sign up form for those interested in your product or service to register and be part of your Email List.

This can be done using Email Marketing Automation Tools (see section below).

After consumers have subscribed, you must build and nurture a relationship with them. Send regular emails that are contextualized and relevant to the topic they are interested in. As you nurture this relationship, your subscribers begin to trust you.

After trust is established, you can start to promote your services or products. But be careful here. Some people do not like hard sell. So tread carefully. There are techniques on how to do this right, and I will share more in my Blog in the near future. Do subscribe to my newsletter to receive updates (see Sign Up Form below)

Email Marketing Automation Tools

Email Marketing can be quite a tedious task if done manually. Thankfully, there are many automation tools in the market that can help your business manage the entire Email Marketing process.

These automation tools are very easy to use. All you have to do is sign up for the service. Some are free. Some are paid. Some are free for a trial period or for a limited number of subscribers, like MailChimp.

The list of Email Marketing Automation Tools are quite a lot. Just do a Google search, and you will find a long list. Personally, I use MailChimp. I find it quite easy to use, and quite powerful. They are constantly improving the service.

Of course, Email Marketing is so much more than just the above. I will cover more about it in my Blog. Please subscribe to my newsletter so that you receive updates whenever I update my blog.

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If you have ANY questions about this article, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading this.

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