SiteGround Black Friday Sale. Is It Really a Good Offer?

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Latest Update! Unveiling the Black Friday Bonanza

  • From Friday, November 24th at 9AM PST to Monday, November 27th at 11:59PM PST, Wealthy Affiliate will be slashing prices on its Premium and Premium Plus+ memberships.
  • For a limited time, you can secure a full year of Premium membership for only $297, a remarkable savings of over 60%.
  • And if you’re seeking even more advanced features and support, Premium Plus+ membership will be available for just $497, representing an incredible saving of over 50%.

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SiteGround has a Black Friday offer for your business!

You can save up to 86% off web hosting.

But wait!

Before you go and buy the SiteGround web hosting services, let us discuss if this is really a good offer?

Is it really worth the price of the Black Friday offer?

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What is SiteGround?

SiteGround provides web hosting service.

Their web hosting service has received praise from critics and users.

They are known for impressive features, excellent performance and consistently fast speeds.

I used to host my websites on SiteGround for years.

But I left SiteGround eventually.

Why did I leave SiteGround?

Continue watching to find out why I left SiteGround? And where do I host my websites now?

Why I Left SiteGround?

I had been paying hundreds of dollars a year for SiteGround’s web hosting service.

Initially, when I first bought SiteGround’s web hosting service, it cost a very low price. As low as the Black Friday prices you see now.

But after the first year, your account is moved to their regular prices. And, from the second year, the web hosting service at SiteGround costs me around $480 (USD) per year.

Back then, I needed a web hosting service. So, I had no choice but to keep paying for the web hosting service.

But it is still cost, you know?

I am running a business and any additional cost is not ideal.

Then, a few years after I bought SiteGround web hosting service, I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

I bought the Wealthy Affiliate membership during a Black Friday Sale at $299 per year, it made no sense to spend the additional $480 to host my websites.

I purchased Wealthy Affiliate for their awesome training. They provide really good training for anyone who would like to start an online business. Especially an affiliate marketing business.

I really learned a lot of how to do affiliate marketing the right way on this platform.

After a while on Wealthy Affiliate, I soon realized that they also provide web hosting service for their Premium and Premium Plus members. As a Premium member, I can host up to 10 websites. Plus, the web hosting service is really great

I will discuss more about Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting features further down this video.

Back to discussing why I left SiteGround.

As a businessman, I must cut cost, right?

Why am I paying web hosting service at SiteGround when I can do it at Wealthy Affiliate?

It’s not like I needed any special features that SiteGround can provide and Wealthy Affiliate cannot.

When you are a new online entrepreneur, a simple blog site is all you need for your affiliate marketing business. And that is not to say that the web hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is not suitable for a more complex website.

It is. But, really. Do you really need all the bells and whistles?

So, I moved my websites to Wealthy Affiliate and cancelled my subscription at SiteGround.

To be honest, it has been years since I did that and I see no difference between hosting at Wealthy Affiliate and at SiteGround.

So, no regrets.

If you think about it, getting Wealthy Affiliate makes sense.

First of all, you get the awesome training provided.

Any time you have any questions or issues with your online business that you need help with, there is the hundreds of thousands of online entrepreneurs ready to help you.

There is also the very efficient support team if you need more technical assistance.

Then there are all the features and tools to help you with your online business.

And you need a website for your online business.

The web hosting service at Wealthy Affiliate is included in the price.

No additional cost.

SiteGround Black Friday Prices vs Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Prices

The SiteGround Black Friday Sale offers you up to 86% off web hosting.

For the StartUp hosting plan, you pay $1.99 per month. That’s about $24 per year.

Sounds like a great deal right?

But you need to know that this is only for the first year. After that, you pay the usual price of $14.99 per month. And that is about $180 per year.

That is only for 1 website.

As you do online business, you may find you need to build and grow more websites.

At SiteGround, you need to upgrade at least to their GrowBig hosting plan.

This costs $24.99 per month. And that is about $300 per year.

At Wealthy Affiliate, the current Black Friday Sale for their Premium membership is $299 only.

You get to host up to 10 websites!

And when you buy the Premium membership during this Black Friday Sale, your membership fee remains the same for life!

No increase in cost from second year onwards.

Plus, at Wealthy Affiliate, you get the detailed step by step training on how to start and grow an online business.

It includes detailed step by step training on how to choose a profitable niche, how to create a website, how to do social media marketing, how to promote using online ads, understanding data and analytics, and more!

There is also the very useful and helpful keyword research tool.

I have used it to get my web pages on the first pages of search results.

This drove tons of traffic to my websites and helped me get sales and revenuie.

Now you see why I find the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday prices so worth it?

And why I moved my websites (yes, I have more than one) to Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting’s Powerful Features

Here are some of the powerful tools and features of Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting service.

Fast Site Speed

Your website will benefit from fast site speed, which is one of the Google ranking factors.

Your Website is Always Awake

They have an efficient redundancy to uptime that is unparalleled in the industry.

This means that if ever, touch wood, any of your websites is down, they have a mirror of your website running at all times.

As such, they can swap this copy quickly.

Security Done Right

Security is superb such that they are able to prevent hacking or spam before it happens.

Plus, several more layers of security to keep your websites secure.

Regular Backups

Of course, your websites are backed up regularly, too.

Many More Features

All that, plus more features that you can see here; such as Free SSL, DDos Protection, Image Optimization, and more!

Wealthy Affiliate vs SiteGround

Here’s how the Web hosting service on Wealthy Affiliate compares to SiteGround web hosting services.

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SiteGround Black Friday Sale. Is It Really a Good Offer?

Timotheus Final Word

I am not here to tell you not to buy the SiteGround Black Friday offer.

I am here to educate you on what is available for you.

And I share my considerations and choice with you.

And I can tell you honestly that the training at Wealthy Affiliate gave me a good start with my affiliate marketing business.

Since then, the platform continues to deliver as they upgrade their training to stay relevant to the changing digital landscape.

In other words, I get updated on the latest trends with training and information to help me grow my online business.

To help you decide, here are some highlights about the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday offer this year.

Last Time Membership at Lowest Prices Ever

This is the last time these prices are ever going to be offered.

It is going to be the last year Wealthy Affiliate is offering the $299 and $499 Black Friday price points.

Take advantage of these pricings now,

2023 Success Hacks Bonuses

This year the bonus classes (which will all be for Premium Plus+ only) are going to be geared towards “Success Hacks in 2023”.

8 Experts will share their Success Hacks the year ahead.

These will be stacked with value and will be worth far more than the price of the yearly membership by themselves.

$499 is the BEST Value

As mentioned earlier, the bonus classes are going to be offered exclusively Premium Plus members only.

With $689 Savings, this is also the biggest account discount.

Get Premium Plus for less than $1.37 per day!

Just Over $1 Per Day

Premium Plus at $499 works out to be $1.37 per day. Premium at $299 is $0.82 per day.

That is less than the price of a standard cup of coffee.

Premium Plus Price for Almost Same Price as Premium

The normal price of Premium yearly is $497.

For just a few more dollars, you can get the Premium Plus membership during this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale period.

Up to $689 Off

During this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, the Premium Plus membership is at $499 only.

That is a discount of $689!

Plus, if you calculate the actual cost of a Premium Plus membership, it is $99/month x 12 ($1188).

50 Websites Only During Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

During this Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale, you get a 50 Website Plan with your Premium Plus yearly membership.

And you will be grandfathered into this plan (and can keep it forever).

This plan is going to be reduced to 10 websites, with Premium going to 5 websites after the Black Friday event is complete.

Forever Pricing

If you upgrade at these prices, you are going to be guaranteed the same price in subsequent years (if you continue the yearly subscription).

As you can see, this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer at Wealthy Affiliate is the best ever.

So, don’t miss this.

Remember that you will never get this same offer next year.

Click on the image below to go get your Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounted price now!


When you join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member, I will be your mentor.

I will guide you, help you succeed as an online entrepreneur, and make money.

Do you have any questions about today’s topic?

That is whether SiteGround Black Friday Sale is really a Good Offer?

Let me know in the comments below.

I will be most happy to answer and help you.

I wish everyone great wealth and success.

Digital Marketer, Lecturer, Amazon Bestselling Author & Cancer Survivor

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