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Client: Ace Rental & Travels

Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing and Advertising - Ace Rental & TravelsAce Rental & Travels is a tours and car rental service company, offered to all guests with the signature warmth and friendliness that is well known in Myanmar.

Country: Myanmar

Project: Facebook Marketing


Increase Facebook Page community and engage them.


Digital Marketing Consultant Singapore - Portfolio - Facebook Marketing and Advertising - Ace Rental & Travels Facebook Page
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Ace Rental & Travels had no Facebook Page when we were first engaged by them. The first task was to set it up. Before that, we had a meeting with them to clarify branding requirements as well as social media strategy.

Setting up the Facebook Page was easy as we had done it numerous times for many clients. Besides just profile photo, cover photo, about info, and contact info, we customized the setting like we usually do, that is suitable for a business.

During the earlier mentioned meeting when we discussed the social media strategy, we clarified about the branding, business and marketing parameters that we would work with. For example, what posts are suitable for their Facebook Page?

Many businesses fail to look into this. It is important to know what topics are considered suitable by the client. Of course, we would advice them, too.

For Ace Rental & Travels, they are a travel agency. After much discussion, we agreed that the posts should be mainly about their business, what travel options they offer, and travel.

But then again, it can be boring to just keep posting about their services and travel. So we expanded the topics to what people who travel would like to see and know about. So we included topics like where to eat good food, what interesting places to visit, where to have fun, where to club, etc.

All, of course, related to Myanmar.

At the same time, we also ran Advertising Campaigns to increase brand awareness.


Within 3 months, more than 9,000 people liked their Facebook Page. After a year, they attracted the attention of investors.

Testimonial from Client

“Timotheus has a truly strategic digital mind whom I have had the pleasure of working with for the last four years. His work ethic and attitude are truly outstanding and he understands what it takes to succeed in the digital world.

Together with his team, they make a great digital marketing partner. They are fantastic in client liaison, with the ability to instill confidence in clients and describe highly technical specification using very user friendly terminology. The team worked tirelessly to promote and build ACE Rental and Travels across a range of social networks.

I look at them as my PR champions. They have raised our online visibility, strengthened our web presence, augmented brand awareness, and increased our leads. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone interested in a strategic digital marketing partner.”

Adrian Foo, Business Manager, ACE Rental & Travels

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