Day #1 of #8 – Radiotherapy Treatment – Side Effect – Fever

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I can still remember almost a month ago when I had the first consultation with the oncologist. Back then, I had recently found out that I have colorectal cancer, stage 3. And it was a shock to me.

I had stoma surgery, and was feeling tired and weak. Despite that, I had to go for post op medical appointments as well as these medical appointments to discuss about the cancer, and how to cure it.

I am grateful that it can be cured. I am just saying that I was doing it all alone, and was feeling so exhausted. For example, just a ride on the public train, called MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) in Singapore, was not easy.

Train Rides to Medical Appointments

I believe the train rides I had to the Singapore General Hospital was uncomfortable for me, partly because I had just had the stoma operation, and it had left me weak.

Also, partly is because the seats on the train are made of hard plastic. The surgery had reduced me to skin and bones. I had nothing to cushion the hard seats. No fleshy meat at my butt area.

But it was ok. I am a believer of positive thinking. And I always believe in making the best out of any situation.

I also believe in positive affirmations for good thoughts. So, all throughout the ride I kept repeating:

• I am grateful for the mrt that always has a seat for me.
• I am grateful for the mrt that is air-conditioned so that I get to ride in cool comfort.
• I am grateful for the fast speed that the mrt travels at so that I can reach home and rest in comfort.

What is Radiotherapy?

This is not going to be a scientific explanation of what radiotherapy is all about. It is going to be a layman view based on what my oncologist told me.

Basically, she told me that they will use radiation to kill the cancer cells in the area where it has been found. And yes, it is real radiation.

As she explained further about the radiation and side effects, I started to realize that it is really radiation.

And I understood it was used because they found it effective at killing cancer cells.

Well, I am all for it as I would like to be cured of cancer.

The Radiotherapy Treatment

After what seemed like a hard and difficult ride on the train, I finally arrived at the radiotherapy treatment clinic. I registered at the auto-register machine. And the wait for my treatment started.

I don’t know what it is about these medical appointments. But, they never stick to the time they arranged with me. And I am sure it is the same for all their patients.

So, it always ended up with the wait time being longer than the time taken to do the treatment

When it was finally my turn, my number flashed on the screen, and I walked to the radiotherapy room. There, I had to wait a while again.

Then finally, I walked into a huge room with a large machine. It was the radiation machine.

The radiotherapists helped me get on the bed of the machine. They aligned my body to the area where I will get radiated. When I was aligned, I could see the radiotherapists made quick exits.

Left alone in the room, the machine began to work. And the radiation began. It was all over within a short time. Possibly around 15 minutes.

Then the radiotherapists returned to the room, and informed me that the session was over.

I got out of the bed of the machine, arranged my clothes. Then walked over to get my things, and bade the radiotherapists farewell, and to see them again the next day.

Drinking Water Before the Radiotherapy Treatment

This is something I must mention.

Due to the fact that the cancer cells were near some vital organs, the radiotherapists had to make sure that the radiation did not affect those vital organs.

So, one way they did it was to have me drink 2 cups of water to increase the size of the bladder. This is so that when they view my insides on the screen, they see the increased bladder, and avoid that area.

From what I was made to understand, the area where the bladder is would be where the vital organs are, too. So, by avoiding radiating that area, they protect those vital organs.

Radiotherapy Side Effect – Fever


Radiotherapy side effect – Fever #cancer #cancerawareness #healingfromcancer #cancerfighter

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After the radiotherapy treatment, I went home.

For some reason, I felt exhausted. Maybe it was the train ride that I felt was not comfortable, and tiring. Or maybe it was a side effect from the radiotherapy treatment.

I was not sure. But I decided to try, and have a nap. For the past weeks, and months, I had not been able to take naps during the day, But today, I knocked out within minutes.

I woke up for a short while during the nap. The reason was I felt a little warm, and realized I had a slight fever.

As advised by the oncologist, I took an aspirin and continued the nap.

I don’t know if the fever is because of the treatment or exhaustion. And, I’m supposed to report all symptoms to the oncologist or any doctor in attendance.

I will do so the next day. For now, I needed to rest.

If you have ANY questions about this post, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Wishing you good health and wealth.


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