Day #6 of #8 – Radiotherapy Treatment – Nights Were Harder

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Ever since I had the stoma operation, I had found it hard to sleep at night.

It could have started at the hospital. Almost every two hours, a nurse would come around and check blood pressure, and other vital signs.

It made going to deep and healing sleep very difficult.

I thought that I would revert back to normal sleep pattern when I was back home.

But, I was wrong.


Nights are harder. Lack of sleep. #cancer #cancerfighter #cancerawareness #healingfromcancer

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Sleepless Nights

For me, the nights were harder.

During the day, there were things to do, and radiotherapy treatment to receive. But when night falls, we were supposed to rest, and not do anything. We were supposed to go to sleep.

And I would.

I would go to bed at 8 pm. I did that with the hope that I would enjoy hours of restful sleep. And wake in the morning around 6 am.

That was the plan.

But since the stoma surgery, I would wake up around 11 pm. The reason I woke at that time was I had either an urgent pee to relieve, or some mucus to discharge from my rectal area.

After that, it would be either pee or discharge, or both, every half an hour or hour. So, it’s not possible to get good sleep until around 4 am.

By then, there would be less pee or discharge.

If I was lucky, I would get a bit of restful sleep from 4 am to 6 am. But, most times, I would be awake, and not able to get back to sleep.

I hope this will not go on forever. I hope that as I heal and get better, I would get more rest, and more sleep.

New Side Effect – Dry Mouth and Throat

Last night, a new side effect from radiotherapy made me unable to sleep.

Around 11 pm, I suddenly woke up with a very dry mouth and throat.

I could feel my throat area hurting.

Quickly, I drank some water. That soothed the condition. For a short while.

From then on, for the rest of the night, my sleep was interrupted by dry throat, urgent need to pee, and more discharges.

I hope to try to catch a nap later during the day. Hopefully, before the time I need to prepare for the day’s radiotherapy treatment.

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