Day #7 of #8 – Radiotherapy Treatment – A Better Day

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Today, I had the best appointment ever!

The day started with heavy rain. Then thunder and lightning. It was great for sleeping in. And that was what I did.

After breakfast, I caught up with an hour of nap time. Then it was time to prepare to go for the radiotherapy treatment.

Efficient and Friendly Radiotherapy Session

The ride on the transport to the radiotherapy clinic was the usual. Quiet, peaceful, and fast.

After I reached Singapore General Hospital, I made my way to the radiotherapy center. And I was surprised by the efficiency and speed of today’s session.

As usual, I registered. And was surprised to see that the time for my radiotherapy session was almost immediate.

Then again, I cautioned myself that the time is just an estimate. The wait time could be longer.

Again, another surprise. The wait time was almost none. Almost immediately, my number was flashed on the screen, and I walked into the treatment rooms area.

Then another surprise. The radiation therapists were so efficient today.

I was given the treatment immediately upon arrival at the treatment rooms area. There was again no wait time.

On top of it, the therapists were friendly and nice today too.

Before I know it, the radiotherapy session was over, and I had a bit of time before the transport arrived.

Break After Radiotherapy Session

With the extra half an hour or so, I decided to get a nice hot cup of milo and lotus seed bao at the food court. It was nice to get a hot drink and a snack.

As I had that little tea break, I wrote this mini blog post. Soon enough, it was time to go to the pick up point and wait for the transport.

So far, it had been such a beautiful day!

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As I had my hot drink and snack at the food court, I received an email and Facebook notification that one of my income streams made a high ticket sales!

High Ticket Sale Commission
High Ticket Sale Commission

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I used to earn a little bit of commission for every sale. Those are known as products that gave low ticket commissions.

Then lately, I took up a course to learn how to sell high ticket items to earn high ticket commissions. And it is working.

While I was going about getting radiotherapy treatment, someone bought a high ticket product, and I earned high ticket commission.

To be honest, when I had been diagnosed with cancer, one of the concerns I had was that I would lose one of my sources of income. That source of income was from teaching part time at schools and training institutes.

But, at the same time, I had other sources of income from doing affiliate marketing.

While healing from cancer, I had to go for all the medical appointments and treatments. So, I am grateful that the affiliate marketing businesses are still making money while I am healing.

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Wishing you good health and wealth.


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