Day #8 of #8 – Radiotherapy Treatment – Bleeding is Serious Side Effect

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It is the last day of radiotherapy treatment! I made it! I am so happy and grateful!

But today’s Victory is bittersweet. Around 5 am earlier that day, there was blood in the rectal discharge.

I did read on some online medical sites that internal bleeding could be one of the side effects of radiotherapy treatment. And I wondered if this was the case?

Whether it was or not, the best action for me to take was to inform the doctor at the radiotherapy center. And let him diagnose the condition.

Radiotherapy Side Effect – Internal Bleeding

I arrived for my 8th and last radiotherapy treatment. When I reached the therapy room, I informed the radiation therapist about the blood found in the mucus from the rectal discharge.

She took note, and said she would arrange for me to consult the doctor on duty.

I did the final radiotherapy session. And as I left the room, the radiation therapist I spoke with earlier informed me to wait in the waiting area for my number to be called, so that I could have a consultation session with the doctor on duty.

The wait time was not long. Also, it was short wait time because I told them that I had to go for the transport pick up at a specific time. So, they made sure I see the doctor before then

I went to the consultation room, and the doctor looked very young. He looked like he just finished medical school.

My observation turned out to be accurate. The doctor seemed unsure about the blood in mucus situation. He didn’t seem very experienced or knowledgeable.

At one point, he mentioned that he guessed the bleeding was because of the radiotherapy treatment. I looked at him and asked him if he just said he guessed? Did he not know?

That caught him off guard. And he tried to quickly diagnose further.

He asked if there was still blood in the mucus that was being discharged from my rectal area. I did noticed that there was.

He wanted to prescribe medication. But, there was not enough time for me to collect the medicine.

At these government hospitals, the wait time for medicine at their pharmacies could take hours. And I had the transport to take.

In the end, the doctor and I agreed to just monitor the situation.

The next day, I would be going to Changi General Hospital for the stoma appointment. We agreed that if I was still bleeding by then, I would inform the team there, and see what they say.

Eventually, the blood was less and less. And eventually no more.

From what the doctor and the stoma nurses said, it would be all right.

From this episode, I learned that bleeding is one of the major side effects of concern. But, as long as it dissipates within a day or two, and the bleeding is not a lot, then there is nothing to worry about.

2 Weeks Break

After the stoma appointment, I would have around 2 weeks break from all the medical appointments and treatments.

Actually this time of rest was to monitor if were to be any side effects from the radiotherapy treatments. If there were, I was to inform the doctor.

If no issues, then chemotherapy begins in 21 June. And that is the next part of my healing from cancer.

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