Is FullStaq Marketer Legit? A Deep Dive (2024)

Is FullStaq Marketer Legit? A Deep Dive (2024)

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Hey everyone, Timotheus here! With over 30 years in the digital marketing trenches and affiliate marketing under my belt since 2016, I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go.

Today, we’re diving into the world of affiliate marketing courses, specifically FullStaq Marketer. And we’ll also do a comparison to a well-established player – Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

Now, look, the online space is brimming with promises of building a thriving affiliate marketing business. But let’s face it, wading through all the options can feel overwhelming.

Fear not, my fellow entrepreneurs! This post aims to be your roadmap, dissecting FullStaq Marketer to help you decide which one aligns best with your goals.

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FullStaq Marketer: A Beginner’s Bootcamp?

FullStaq Marketer, created by Keala Kanae, positions itself as a comprehensive affiliate marketing course for beginners. It promises to equip you with the knowledge and tools to build an online business from scratch, even if you’re a complete tech newbie.

The program includes video lessons, downloadable resources, and (supposedly) access to a supportive community. Sounds promising, right? Let’s break it down further.

What’s in the FullStaq Marketer Toolbox?

Here’s a glimpse into what FullStaq Marketer offers:

  • Modular Learning: The program is structured with modules that cover the core aspects of affiliate marketing, from selecting the right products to building converting sales funnels.
  • Beginner-Friendly Approach: They claim the course caters specifically to those new to the affiliate marketing game.

Now, some additional features are mentioned, but details can be scarce. These include:

  • Community Forum: Supposedly, a community forum exists for members to connect, share ideas, and troubleshoot challenges.
  • Mentorship Opportunities: There might be mentorship opportunities available, but the extent of this benefit isn’t entirely clear.

The Good, the Not-So-Good, and the Maybe of FullStaq Marketer

So, is FullStaq Marketer the golden ticket to affiliate marketing success? Let’s explore both the potential benefits and drawbacks:


  • Structured Learning: A well-organized course structure can be helpful, especially for beginners, as they navigate the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.
  • Beginner-Oriented: If you’re brand new to the game, FullStaq Marketer’s focus on foundational aspects might be a good starting point.
  • Community (Maybe): A supportive community can be invaluable for learning and motivation. However, the effectiveness of the forum depends entirely on its engagement level.


  • Cost: The cost of FullStaq Marketer can be a significant investment, especially when weighed against the limited information available about the program’s depth and value.
  • Upsells (Unconfirmed): There have been mentions of upsells within the program, potentially adding to the overall cost.
  • Time Commitment Reality Check: Remember, regardless of the program, affiliate marketing success takes dedication and consistent effort. Don’t expect overnight riches!
  • Missing Information: A lack of clarity on specific features like the community’s activity level or the extent of mentorship can be a red flag.

Introducing Wealthy Affiliate: A Household Name in Affiliate Marketing

Now, let’s shift gears and talk about Wealthy Affiliate (WA). As a veteran in the digital business space, I’ve seen WA establish itself as a prominent player in the online business and affiliate marketing training arena.

What Makes WA Tick?

Here’s a breakdown of the core offerings at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Comprehensive Training: WA boasts a robust training platform with modules, video lessons, and ongoing updates to keep you in the loop with the latest affiliate marketing trends.
  • Website Hosting and Training: Unlike FullStaq Marketer, WA goes a step further by providing website hosting and training on building your own affiliate marketing website. This can be a game-changer, especially for beginners.
  • Supportive Community: WA’s community is a vibrant hub of experienced and beginner affiliate marketers. This forum allows you to connect, ask questions, and gain valuable insights from others on their affiliate marketing journeys.
  • Live Events and Webinars: WA regularly hosts live events and webinars featuring industry experts. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from successful affiliate marketers and stay ahead of the curve.

Why Consider Wealthy Affiliate?

Here’s why WA might be a strong contender in your affiliate marketing course selection process:

  • Focus on Practical Application: WA’s training emphasizes the practical aspects of affiliate marketing, guiding you through the process of building and launching your own website.
  • Experienced Community: The wealth of experience within the WA community is a goldmine. From seasoned veterans to those starting out, you’ll find a supportive network of individuals ready to share their knowledge and offer encouragement. This collaborative environment can be a massive advantage, fast-tracking your learning curve and keeping you motivated.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to FullStaq Marketer (with its potential upsells and unclear pricing structure), WA offers a clear pricing plan with a free starter membership. This allows you to explore the platform, test the waters, and see if affiliate marketing aligns with your interests before committing to a premium membership.

FullStaq Marketer vs. Wealthy Affiliate: Making an Informed Decision

Alright, entrepreneurs, we’ve unpacked both FullStaq Marketer and Wealthy Affiliate. Now, it’s time to decide which path aligns best with your goals. Here’s a quick comparison to help you choose:

Ideal for:

  • FullStaq Marketer: Those completely new to affiliate marketing seeking a beginner-friendly course with a modular structure (if the cost and potential upsells are justifiable based on a thorough evaluation).
  • Wealthy Affiliate: Individuals at any experience level (beginners to those with some experience) seeking a comprehensive program with website hosting, practical application training, a vibrant community, and access to industry experts (at a potentially more cost-effective price point).

Additional Considerations:

Beyond the programs themselves, here are some additional factors to keep in mind:

  • Your Budget: Affiliate marketing courses can be an investment. Carefully consider the cost of each program and weigh it against the value proposition.
  • Your Learning Style: If you prefer a structured, video-based approach, both FullStaq Marketer and Wealthy Affiliate does lessons in this manner. The exciting news is Wealthy Affiliate has recently updated their lessons with the new Hubs feature.
  • Your Time Commitment: Remember, affiliate marketing success is a marathon, not a sprint. Be prepared to invest consistent effort alongside your chosen program.

Is FullStaq Marketer Legit? A Deep Dive (2024)

Timotheus Final Thoughts

Look, neither FullStaq Marketer nor Wealthy Affiliate is a guaranteed shortcut to affiliate marketing riches. But a well-designed program can equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to get started on the right foot.

Here’s the real key to success: YOU.

Your dedication, content creation skills, and marketing efforts will ultimately determine your results. So, choose a program that complements your learning style and budget, but remember, the real work lies in putting what you learn into action.

Remember, the affiliate marketing landscape is ever-evolving. Stay curious, keep learning, and most importantly, take action!

If you have any questions about affiliate marketing or these programs, feel free to leave a comment below. I’m here to help you navigate the exciting world of online business!

Wishing you all the best in your affiliate marketing journey. If you have ANY questions, or anything to clarify, please drop a comment below. I will be happy to help you.

I wish everyone good heath, wealth, and success!

Digital Marketer, Lecturer, Amazon Bestselling Author & Cancer Survivor

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