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Hello. I’m Timotheus.

Nice to meet you.

I am a digital marketer, lecturer, Amazon Bestselling Author and cancer survivor.

Timotheus Lee

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What I Do

Through the over-30 years of work experience, I had been mostly a digital marketer. Then, in the last 10 years or so, I started to teach and held lectures at universities and training centers.

I have also been an online entrepreneur. I have tried ecommerce with private label and drop shipping. I had done retail stores. And now, I am also an affiliate marketer.

I was diagnosed with cancer in April 2022. After nearly 2 years of treatment, that included radiation therapy and chemotherapy, I am now declared cancer free.

During the time of resting and recovering, I rediscovered my passion for art and writing. I wrote a few books and published them on Amazon. And will continue to to keep writing more. Today, I am also an Amazon Bestselling Author.

I Am a Digital Marketer

I have been doing digital marketing the longest time in my career. Ever since the Internet came onto the scene in Singapore, I was there.

I joined a web development company and there started my digital marketing experience with web marketing. After that, I became an expert in SEO (search engine optimization), email marketing, video marketing, and many more digital marketing strategies.

I have written many articles about SEO (Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing plus many more digital marketing topics. Here are some of them.

Business Testimonials

As you can see, I have vast experience with digital marketing. As such, I have done a lot of good work appreciated by many clients.

I Am a Lecturer

In 2013, I was offered to teach a digital marketing course. I accepted. And was then bitten by the teaching bug.

Since then, I have conducted hundreds of courses. Today, I am a lecturer at UCD (University College Dublin). And also teaching at various training providers including Google.

Featured below is a blog post about one of the classes that I taught at the university.

UCD BBSMKT50 Class - header

Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours) in Marketing

Way back in 2017, I was invited to be a guest lecturer by Professor Markus Vanharanta. Since I do digital marketing, he wanted me to share about it and my experiences.

I Am Also a Speaker

I have also been invited, many times, to speak at events such as symposiums, summits and seminars. Here are some of them.

UCD Alumni Panel of Experts

I Am an Author

I have always loved writing. Since a young boy, I would scribble story ideas. I did become a copywriter and a scriptwriter. Then, moved on to marketing, lecturing, and businesses.

Today, all the free time I have recovering from cancer and surgeries have inspired me to start writing again. I have published a few books on Amazon. I had one of the books reached the Amazon Bestseller list. As such, I am an Amazon Bestselling Author.

Here is a book that I wrote. It is based on my experience where I applied holistic healing to beat cancer,

Shifting Paradigms – A Cancer Survivor’s Journey of Holistic Healing

Shifting Paradigms – A Cancer Survivor’s Journey of Holistic Healing

In ‘Shifting Paradigms,’ join me on a profound journey of healing from cancer and living with a colostomy. Discover the power of holistic healing and resilience in the face of adversity. A story of transformation, hope, and triumph over life’s greatest challenges.

In April 2022, I was rushed to the A&E of Singapore Changi Hospital. Soon after that, I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. The surgeon present then said it was stage 3 to 4.

I was shocked. So many questions flooded my mind.

Since that day, I had radiotherapy, chemotherapy and four surgeries.

Today, I am happy and grateful that my surgeon declared me free from cancer.

Thank you, Universe and everyone!

If you have any questions,
feel free to write to me.