ClickASnap Review – Can You Earn Money From Sharing Your Photos?

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ClickASnap Review

Hi everyone! I am always looking for ways to create passive income. I have a lot of photos that I take with my smartphone. So, one of the ways I thought of was how to make money from the thousands of photos I have taken?

I did a little bit of research. I went to Google and searched on Google. And I went on YouTube an I searched on YouTube, too. And I found out something on this site called ClickASnap. There were even TikTok videos about it

Apparently, there are claims that you can make money from this site. All you have to do is upload photos and earn money when people view it.

Sounds simple, right? But is it so simple and easy? Can you really earn money from ClickASnap? Let’s explore and discuss about this.

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What is ClickASnap?

I visited the ClickASnap website.

ClickASnap Homepage

On the website I went to the FAQ section. Then I clicked on the main menu to find their About Us page.

As you can see on this page, they have stated that they are the world’s first still image hosting site that pays users for every view of their pictures.

About ClickASnap – What They Offer

Wow! That’s cool right?

But hold on. Is this really true? Let’s find out more.

Can You Make Money With ClickASnap?

Back on the home page, I see the Get Started and How it works buttons. I think let’s find out how it works first right?

Before diving in and spending all the time and effort on this, we should see if we can really make money with ClickASnap. And in order to know whether we can, we need to know how it really works.

After clicking on the How it works button, we land on this page that you see in the image below.

ClickASnap – Make Money when Your Photos Are Viewed

Here, we see ClickASnap telling us that we can make money when our photos are viewed. Still great! But, how does it work, and how do we get paid when our photos are viewed?

A little down this page, we can see some interesting information. First of all, here is the info that we can earn 0.40 cents per photo view.

ClickASnap Pays Zero Point Four Of A Cent Paid Per Photo View

It’s not a lot, but looks good right?

But hold on. Hold on.

I did some research earlier, and here is what I found out about this amount of money that you can get paid per photo view.

On their FAQ page, under ‘How does the ‘Paid Per View’ benefit work’?, they made it very clear that – For each authentic view gained, you earn 0.4¢. Please note this is 0.4 cents ($0.004), which is actually out of a dollar is 0.004 cents. And not 4¢ ($0.04) or 40¢ ($0.40).

ClickASnap Actually Pays Zero Point Four Of A Cent Only Per Photo View

Also, take note that this benefit is included in any of our chargeable membership levels only.

So, it is NOT 0.40 cents as shown in their How it works page. It is actually $0.004, which is 0.4 of a cent! That’s really low, don’t you think?

And here is another thing I found out. In the same FAQ page, under the question – What’s the difference between a ‘view’ and an ‘paid view’?, they said – ‘To gain an paid view, which is what equates to a paid view, an image must be viewed for 5 seconds and not be flagged as falsified or fake.’

ClickASnap – Paid View Is When Photo Viewed for At Least Five Seconds

So, your photo must be viewed for at least 5 seconds. This means that when people reach your photo page, they must stay there for at least 5 seconds.

If they see your photo on the search that they did on ClickASnap, and they find your photo. Then they click on it, and they simply glance at it, and bounce out. So, while that is considered a view to you, but it will not be counted as a paid view because it is not at least five seconds.

And then, there’s the clause about your photo must not be called out for being a fake photo, or falsified. All right, fake photo – I can understand.

But falsified? So many questions about this vague criteria.

But let’s not touch on this in this blog post. Let’s continue our research. So far, we have learned that we can make money on ClickASnap. There’s no doubt about it.

Now, the next question is What is the Minimum Payout? And we go back to the How it Works Page to see that the minimum payout is $15.

Ok, a little math here. Excuse me as I am not really good at math but I will try.

We need $15 before we can get paid, and get the money. And each paid view is $0.004. This means we need ($15 / $0.004) views to reach $15.

($15 / $0.004) = 3,750 views

That’s 3,750 views!

Ok, to be fair, this does not seem like a very big number to achieve. In fact, with the claim that they have 2 million images viewed per day, it may be possible.

BUT do remember, the view must be at least for 5 seconds before it is considered a paid view. So, if you reach 3,750 views but half of that is not more than 5 seconds, then sorry, keep trying.

And, as if the bar to get paid set so far is not high enough, here is more that I found out. After I created an account, I am brought to the Subscription page.

Here, there are four subscription options: Free, Ad Free, Seller and Pro Seller. In this review, because we are focused on paid for views, we will look at Free and Ad Free memberships only.

The Free membership is a great option. You do not need to pay anything. The problem is – you do not get paid for photo views. This means you get the account for free, you upload the photos for free, and you do not get paid when any of your photos are viewed.

ClickASnap Free Account Does Not Get Paid for Photo Views

Not so great huh?

And then there is the Ad Free membership option. Here, you can get paid for photo views. This means that when your photos are viewed for more than 5 seconds, you get paid.

ClickASnap Ad Free Account Costs Monthly Fees and Does Pay Per Photo View

BUT look at the price for Ad Free. It is 2 pounds per month. I don’t know why they put the price in pounds. But in case you need to see it in USD, it is USD2.78 per month. This amount is based on the current exchange rate at date and time of writing this blog post.

So, this means that you need to get enough paid views to cover the cost of the monthly fee to break even, before you even see profits. How many paid views? That is 695 views.

As said before, getting that number should be quite possible. But remember, these must be PAID VIEWS!

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ClickASnap Review – Can You Earn Money From Sharing Your Photos?

Timotheus Final Thoughts

Now that we have learned more about ClickASnap, do we find this an opportunity to make money?

Is This a Potential Stream of Passive Income?

Well, to me, it is a way to create passive income. This is because, after all, you just sign up, upload the photos, get views for years, and continue to get paid. This is passive income right?

But you need to be at least an Ad Free member to get paid views. That’s still cost. If you can get enough paid views to cover the membership fee and earn a profit, then great!

Don’t forget you still need to spend time to go around and take good quality photos. And, out of all your photos, you need to sort them out, and pick the ones that are good quality. It is best if the photos are unique and in demand. Also, you need to put in time and effort to edit the photos.

The way I see it is – If you are a photographer, whether professional, amateur or hobbyist, and you have some spare cash for monthly fee, you can try this out and see if you can earn a little side income.

But, it will be like some pocket money. It may end up as not a lot of money. Unless, you have a lot of photos that are able to get a lot of paid views.

Still, it is not ideal when you want to have an online business, and make money for the long term. For a longer term business that makes more money, I recommend affiliate marketing.

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