DotComSecrets Review – Scam or Legit?

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DotComSecrets Review

Many years ago, I was searching for a training program to learn how to start an online business. Then I stumbled upon Russell Brunson and his many products. In this article, I will discuss with you about my findings, and present my DotComSecrets Review 2020 – Scam or Legit?

I understand because I have been there. It is not easy starting an online business. And even harder to promote and sell products online.

For those who have not done it before, there will be a steep learning curve. For those who are already running a business, and seeking to increase sales, need to know how to do it too. And that is also another steep learning curve.

I recognized that. I have been doing digital marketing for more than 20 years. And I am always keen to learn more. To find ways to improve my digital marketing skills, promote products I sell, and make more money.

So, I too sought for training from experts. Someone credible who already has a successful online business. And I endeavor to learn from them.

I believe you are doing the same. And you are wondering how DotComSecrets is, and if it can help you. Well, read this review to find out.

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DotComSecrets Review – The Overview

Name: DotComSecrets

Owner: Russell Brunson

Website URL: www. dotcomsecrets .com

Price: $1 for 5 days, then $47 per month

DotComSecrets Review – Scam or Legit?

Review Author Name: Timotheus

Value for Money


DotComSecrets is a coaching program for those who are at the intermediate or advanced level in business. If you are new to business or just starting out, then I advise you not to get this program.


What is DotComSecrets?

The name DotComSecrets is affiliated with many of Russell Brunson’s products. There is the book that he offers for free. There is, of course, also the coaching program.

When you join the coaching program, you will be a member of their platform. But there is a joining criterion. You must already have a business that is making at least $50,000 per year.

When you qualify, you can join the platform. There, you will meet others who are at the same level as you. On that platform, you will receive coaching to increase your earnings.

Who Owns DotComSecrets?

When I first ‘met’ Russell Brunson, it was many years ago. Back then, he was promoting Click Funnels. He introduced himself as a man from Boise, Idaho in the United States of America.

He shared that he sold millions of dollars worth of products, and promoted Click Funnels back then. Today, DotComSecrets coaching program is another of his many products.

What Are The Packages & Prices For DotComSecrets ?

You will also get a free two week trial on their software. This is called ClickFunnels. It is the same software that I mentioned earlier when I first learned of Russell Brunson.

The software claims to help you launch sales funnels that will get you sales and revenue. It is not free forever. After the two week free trial, it costs $47 per month to use it.

There is also the coaching program that I mentioned earlier. I read on Warrior Forum that the first level coaching program costs $5,000.

How Do You Get Started With DotComSecrets?

Simply sign up on their website. You will receive some free products. But you must pay for the shipping.

The free products include the DotComSecrets book. Inside the book, you will be guided to grow your company online. Another free product is another book titled ‘108 proven split test winners’. Here you will learn how to do split testing.

Then there are some other free marketing collateral, too.

Is DotComSecrets Worth The Price?

If you are already an online entrepreneur, you may like to consider the costs to use the software. And if you have the budget, you may even pay the price for the coaching.

But, from what I found out, many people say that a lot of the information from the training and coaching can be found online for free. Of course you will need to spend a lot of time to search and find the information.

How is the Support at DotComSecrets ?

Not much is said about the support given at DotComSecrets. It could be because they have adequate help with the program. Plus, there is an official Facebook Group that helps with tips and offers solutions when anyone needs help.

Can You Make Money from DotComSecrets ?

I get conflicting information from people who tried DotComSecrets.

Some say it works. Some say it does not.

I did come across those who indicated that DotComSecrets works for some products.

So, that could be the reason why it works for some and not for others.

But, are you willing to pay the money to find out?

How To Make Money With DotComSecrets?

As mentioned in the above section, when the training works for your type of business, you will make money. I do hear often that many who tried DotComSecrets end up selling that product.

The reason is one of the things they teach is that you must have a product to sell. A quality product that can make lots of money. And they recommend their own product for you to sell.

And that is how I actually heard about ClickFunnels again. Recently, after many years from the first time I learned about ClickFunnels, I met someone on a Facebook Group who was promoting ClickFunnels.

The funny thing was that it had been years since I heard that product name. And I told the person that the product sounded familiar.

It was later when he revealed that it was a product by Russell Brunson that I remembered. Sadly, that was also when I realized this person has ended up selling DotComSecrets products.

What are the Pros of DotComSecrets?

  • Introduction product is free BUT you pay shipping
  • Training is intermediate and advanced levels

What are the Cons of DotComSecrets?

  • Pay shipping for free products
  • A lot of upsell and each is expensive
  • A lot of spam email
  • Not useful or helpful for new entrepreneurs
  • A lot of the information can be found online for free

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DotComSecrets Review – Scam or Legit?

Timotheus Final Thoughts

VERDICT: Legit but …

I have come to the conclusion that DotComSecrets is a legit business, and offer legit products. I have known Russell Brunson for many years, and I do trust him.

But, I do find it expensive. I think that was why I did not buy the product all those years ago. Also, the product works better for people who are already running their online business, and looking to increase sales. Also, you must have a decent budget to spend on training.

Back then, when I first ‘encountered’ Russell, I was looking to start an online business. I needed to a training program to teach me from A to Z how to choose a niche, choose a product, create a website, and promote the business with digital marketing strategies such as social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing, content marketing, etc.

And DotComSecrets was not the right program to teach me that.

If you are just starting out or new to online business, then this is not the coaching program for you. Maybe later.

For a newbie or someone who just started a business, I have my #1 Recommended training platform. It teaches me step by step how to start my online business. And best of all, you can try for free!

You can join the Free Starter Package with just your email. No credit card needed for this Free Starter Package.

There is some free training as well as really powerful tools and features to help you do digital marketing for your online business.

My #1 Recommendation
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When you join the above program, I will be your mentor. I will guide you, help you succeed as an online entrepreneur, and make money.

If you have ANY questions, or anything to clarify, please drop a comment below. I will be happy to help you.

I wish everyone great wealth and success.

Digital Marketer, Lecturer, Amazon Bestselling Author & Cancer Survivor

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