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Legendary Marketer Training Program Review – Scam or Legit?

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Timotheus Update: This post was originally published on 2 February 2021 on my previous website – Passive Online Revenue. Due to rebranding and consolidation of the two sites, the post is now on this website and published on 14 March 2023.

Legendary Marketer Training Program Review

Are you new to the online business?

Wondering what it is all about? Where and how to start? What to do so that you do not fail? And looking for a good training program?

Or are you an experienced online entrepreneur, and looking for training to grow your online business?

Well, I have come across this program by Legendary Marketer. And previously wrote a review of this training program in 2020.

I have since learned more about them, and would like to discuss with you about it in this review article – Legendary Marketer Training Program Review – Scam or Legit?

Today, I will share with you all about one of their training programs. It is called the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge. I have done this challenge. And I will share with you what I think about it.

Also, I will talk about the other training products that they have.

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Legendary Marketer Training Program Review – Scam or Legit? – The Overview

Name: Legendary Marketer

Owner: David Sharpe

Website URL:

Price: Various products at various prices, see Products and Prices section for details

Legendary Marketer Review 2021 – Is it a Scam or Legit Training Program?

Review Author Name: Timotheus



Legendary Marketer offers training that teaches people to create and grow their very own online business. The business can be affiliate marketing, selling digital products, coaching business, consulting or even an events or masterminid company. How good is the training? And can it help you achieve your entrepreneur goals? Read my review to find out


What is Legendary Marketer?

It is a training program that helps people start an online business, or grow an existing business.

They are using online and cutting edge marketing strategies.

The business you will learn to start can be an affiliate marketing business, or an online business to sell your own digital products.

It can also be a coaching and consulting business, or an events company.

Legendary Marketer provides robust digital courses, personalized virtual coaching, and highly dynamic and supportive live mastermind events, too.

Legendary Marketer

Who Owns Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer was created, and now still owned by David Sharpe. He is a 9-year digital marketing vet.

In the past, he has founded 3 multi-million dollar companies from scratch. He is also known to have generated over a quarter-billion in sales online. To date, he has educated over 500,000 entrepreneurs worldwide.

To me, all this tells me, so far, that I can learn a lot from this man and his team. And this is awesome!

David Sharpe and his lovely family

What Are The Products & Prices For Legendary Marketer?

They have many different products. Each suited for different training needs. They have courses designed for beginners to advanced online entrepreneurs.

Each has its own pricing and package. Prices start from training that is an affordable low fee of $7. They also have eBooks that are offered at very low cost. Each comes with bonuses with great value.

Do note that the prices are decided by Legendary Marketer, and may change at their discretion.

15-day Business Builder Challenge

The first product I would like to introduce is the 15-day Business Builder Challenge. It is a 15-day step by step training.

The lessons are action oriented. The course prepares you to start a business. By the end of the 15 days, you will have a full business up and running. And you will be earning money online in 15 days!

During the 15 days, you will learn about setting up and using sales funnels, email marketing such as creating email sequences, and using paid traffic to drive visitors to your affiliate offers.

The training is sequential, and easy to follow. There are daily tasks to complete, quizzes to test what you have learned, and assignments to do. Also there is a coach who will guide you as you go through this challenge. He or she will also help you to craft your business plan. And get you to take action.

By Day 15, you will be equipped with knowledge that most take years to gain. You will also have a clear business plan to put it into action.

Are you ready to change your life in just 15 days? The training costs $7 Only. Start your business now! Click on the image below now to claim this training at this offer price!

Legendary Marketer 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge
Click image above to Start Your Business Now

Legendary Marketer’s Club

This is the second product by Legendary Marketer. It is their flagship subscription club. And is a private club of top marketers.

Besides just impressive members, the club is packed full of training, education and resources. All with most up to date information. To help you start, grow and scale your online business.

Also, part of the club’s offerings include the following:

Legendary Marketer Club

Live Weekly Marketing Training Webinars

In this club, you get live Live Weekly Training. There is real-time feedback each week on live Q&A webinars from 6 and 7-figure marketers like CMO Matt.

He teaches all attendees in real time. And shares the latest strategies that are working right now. For example, how to build a business with paid traffic (Facebook ads, Google ads)?

Exclusive Interview with Kevin Harrington (Original Shark on Hit TV Show – Shark Tank)

There are exclusive classes such as the Interview with Kevin Harrington, who is the Original Shark on Hit TV Show – Shark Tank.

You can watch David interview Kevin Harrington. And learn stuff like how to have a mindset that leads to confident and clear marketing? How to leverage media to boost traffic, and get leads and sales? And how to find funding for your business? And more.

Kevin Harrington, Shark Tank

What To Do and Say To Sell More Stuff

This is another class in the club – What To Do and Say To Sell More Stuff. Every business owner’s goal is to sell more stuff. Isn’t it?

This training helps you to learn the art of being wildly successful online. You will receive simple and effective tools to create content that actually sells. You also get exact words and scripts to promote your business. Plus more.

More Training To Jump Start Your Online Business

When you join the club, you get more training such as the following:

  • The Journey to 250,000 Subscribers – This is a strategy to get 250,000 YouTube subscribers, and over 7-figures online as an affiliate marketer
  • 27 Tips to Start and Scale Your Business – These are strategies to grow your online business. A clear road map will be taught for those who are doing online business on the side
  • Build, Engage and Sell – This training helps you gain trust with your prospects, and put offers in front of targeted traffic
  • Plus over 10 hours of world class training from experts to take your business to the next level

Traffic University

The 3rd product from Legendary Marketer is the Traffic University. From my years of doing businesses, I find that traffic is essential to the success of any business. Whether in the physical world or online.

Without traffic, it can be a struggle to get leads and sales. So, this training is vital for anyone doing businesses.

You will be taught how to do paid traffic on ad platforms. And this course is not just any regular type of training. The lessons here are by the world’s top advertising experts.

They have used these strategies for their very own businesses, and achieved immense success. The experts will walk you through, click-by-click, on how to succeed with your campaigns?

You can dominate on all the top platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, GDN (Google Display Network) and Twitter. Plus you will learn the mechanics of creating compliant landing pages for each platform. This is so that you can generate the maximum leads, without the risk of losing your accounts.

To be honest, I do find the price a little steep. It is at $1,097. And yet, at the same time, I must admit that there are 9 different individual courses. Each is easily worth hundreds of dollars. So, it cannot be said to be expensive, too.

Another plus point is that you will enjoy lifetime updates. Any time there are changes to any of the platforms, the curriculum will be updated. And you get lifetime access to that.

Legendary Marketer Traffic University

Business Blueprints

To round up the list of great products by Legendary Marketer, we have the Business Blueprints. When I started my first business, I discovered it was not that easy. And many times, I wished someone would just hand me the blueprints on how to build and grow a successful business.

Which is why I am really excited for you! Legendary Marketer has Business Blueprints. These are complete lessons to help you build a business. And there are four blueprints:

  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint
  • Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint
  • Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

Have you thought of starting any of these businesses? Don’t know where to start? And how to start? You are in luck! Let me tell you more about each of these blueprints.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

Affiliate marketing is now one of the most popular businesses to do. It is well known to be the type of business that can generate passive income.

It is when you promote other people’s products. And when people buy the products, thanks to your marketing efforts, you earn a commission!

The entry barrier is low. And made lower when you this particular blueprint. With the blueprint, you will learn how to get set-up. You will be taught how to sift through thousands of products online. To find the products you can promote. You will be guided to find the winners!

And most importantly, to make your first sale. Affiliate marketing is also a business that has immense potential to scale as big as you desire it to be.

Here is a sample of the lessons you will get:

  • What affiliate marketing is?
  • How affiliate marketing actually works?
  • How to pick out products to promote?
  • Actionable advice on getting started
  • How to start earning your first commissions?

Take note that the lessons are skewed towards being a Legendary Marketer affiliate. But that is ok. What you learn can be applied to any affiliate program.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

Digital Products Business Blueprint

Selling physical products is not as easy as it seems. Whether handmade or created by someone else, it is a business that is highly changeable, and extremely time-consuming. Plus, there are the complexities of shipping, international customers, taxes, laws, importing, warehousing and storage, inventory management, etc.

On the other hand, digital products are easy to distribute. They are significantly more sustainable. They can be replicated infinitely. You don’t need physical material to create them. And rarely, there is a need for factories, or staff.

Selling digital products is a great way to make lots of money online. The commissions are usually much higher than other affiliate programs. And if you create your very own digital products, you can earn even more.

Digital products can be things like eBooks, online videos, online audio, online courses, etc. The blueprint includes training on how to use your knowledge or passion, and create an audio, video or written format.

You will learn how to create and sell digital products. From planning to delivery. And of course, on getting your customers.

Legendary Marketer Digital Products Business Blueprint

Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint

Another way to make money is to be a coach or a consultant. You have the knowledge and experience on a particular subject. But you need to know how to use all that and sell as a business.

This business is quite possibly the fastest, and easiest way to get into business for yourself. And it is also a great way to start generating revenue.

There is no overhead, office space or advanced tech skills needed. You can even do it via webinar or Zoom. Even billing can be handled via PayPal or Stripe.

This blueprint teaches you how to identify your niche, create your offer and clarify your pitch. Plus, how to deliver your services and scale your business for maximum profit and minimum stress.

Legendary Marketer Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

Events and Masterminds have grown in popularity. It is still a profitable business opportunity, now and in the future. This blueprint will be suitable for those who enjoy this type of business.

Even in today’s context, people still have a need to convene. To meet up. To come together. If you can either speak or facilitate a gathering, You can profit and make an impact with your work.

Inside the Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint, you will learn how to plan, host and profit from your live event or mastermind. You will also learn how to save on costs, who to hire and where to host your events?

The training also teaches you how to be a talented facilitator, who is able to create an atmosphere of growth. An atmosphere that you clients will enjoy and love you for. As such, they will keep paying you to attend your events and masterminds.

Legendary Marketer Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

Which Business Blueprint For You?

For the above blueprints, you can decide on the type of business you intend to have. Then choose that particular blueprint.

It will give you a complete step by step process on how to build that business. The cost is $2,500 Only for each blueprint

Legendary Marketer Mastermind

Legendary Marketer Mastermind is arguably the most epic and impactful “live experience” in the online marketing industry. It is an intimate experience that will expand your visions of the potential you have.

It could be the defining moment in your business and career. To join the mastermind sessions, you need to book an appointment and join in. To do that, you will need to talk to an advisor at Legendary Marketer.

Legendary Marketer Mastermind

Private Client Coaching Program With Dave Sharpe

I often hear people tell me that they wish they can have a private chat with this famous person, and that famous person, like Oprah, Elon Musk, etc. A private coaching session with Dave Sharpe Is also much sought after. Imagine the knowledge and skills you can gain from this $250-Million Dollar Online Marketing Legend.

Dave that will outline a specific strategy for you to follow. You will then get on live with Dave Sharpe and a small group each month. They will coach you on your business and marketing. In other words, Dave is like your CMO – Chief Marketing Officer. Or your Executive Coach. You will get ad, email, and sales page critiques and feedback on hooks, angles, and ideas.

On top of all this, you’ll get access to Dave’s Blueprint programs as well as entrance to the Legendary Marketer Mastermind. This is total immersion over the next 12-months for you. It can be said that the coaching program is the most powerful personal and business growth experience and accountability available in the industry.

Legendary Marketer Private Client Coaching Program with Dave Sharpe

Other Products by Legendary Marketer

Besides the above impressive list of products, Legendary Marketer also offers a few other products that are popular and sought after. These include:

  • 15 Second Free Leads (TikTok Training) – $1.00 only
  • Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook – $1.99 only
  • Copywriter’s Playbook – $1.00 only

They are are not available on their website. And only available here. If you would like to get the above, simply click on the links.

Also, I will write blog posts about each of these products soon. If you like to receive updates when I publish these reviews, kindly join my community. And you will be updated.

What Support Do I Get With Legendary Marketer?

The support at Legendary Marketer is awesome! After you have joined, on every page of their website, there is a support button at the bottom right corner. Any time you have a question, simply click on it. Fill out the online form, and submit your query.

I have used this so many times. And the support team always get back to me very quickly. The slowest response has been a day.

I always find support to be very important. When I first started my online business, I encountered some programs with bad support. It was a terrible experience. I could not get any help and constantly felt lost and frustrated.

Fast forward to years later, I found programs like Legendary Marketer that gives superb support. It is such a world of difference.

Any time I need help or have anything to clarify, they are ready to assist. They are very helpful, friendly and always with answers that solve the issues.

The Facebook Group Community

Once you join, you will be invited to be a part of their Facebook Group Community. It does not matter which product or how many products you purchased.

The community is huge. They are friendly, warm and supportive. It is a BIG plus point.

When you get a really good and supportive community, it helps. When you have doubts, or need help to see if your strategies are on track, etc., it is so good to have a place to get the help and answers.

Good support can help you to grow your business. To move forward.

Who Is Legendary Marketer Training Program For?

  • Anyone looking to start an online business; Ideal for beginners, those who are new to online business and marketing
  • Experienced entrepreneurs will also benefit from the training; there have been many who found the training useful and helped them grow their business

What Are The Prerequisites For Legendary Marketer Training Program?

You will need the following:

  • A computer or laptop
  • Internet access

What are the Pros of Legendary Marketer Training Program?

  • Detailed step by step training
  • Training constantly improves
  • Training constantly updated
  • New training regularly added
  • Excellent support
  • Good and helpful community
  • FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Compliant

What are the Cons of Legendary Marketer Training Program?

  • Affiliate training too focused on Legendary Marketer products
  • Some products are expensive
  • Not available in some countries

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Legendary Marketer Training Program Review – Scam or Legit?

Timotheus Final Thoughts

VERDICT: Legit! – Highly Recommended!

The business is legit. And all the products are really good and valid.

From the Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook to 15-Day Business Builder Challenge. To the Legendary Marketer’s Club, the Traffic University to the Business Blueprints. They are all excellent resources to help you start an online business, grow the business, and succeed.

What Do I Recommend?

If you can afford it, then I recommend going for the Legendary Marketer’s Club, Traffic University, and one of the Business Blueprints (choose the business you prefer). For any of these products, click here.

But if you are on a budget, then I suggest start with the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge that costs $7 only.

You get an action-oriented training that helps you to start a business, and begin earning money. As you start to earn from your business, you can go on to purchase the Legendary Marketer’s Club, and Traffic University, and grow your business

If you have ANY questions, or anything to clarify, please drop a comment below. I will be happy to help you.

I wish everyone great wealth and success.

Your Online Business Coach

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