Killer Content System Review – Scam or Legit?

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Killer Content System Review

Content is King. Have you heard of this phrase? I teach that to my students in the Content Marketing classes. What the phrase refers to is that content is important for attracting traffic and converting leads into customers.

Lately, I have been thinking of ways to level up on the content at this website. I have considered many options. And came across the one we are discussing today in this article – Killer Content System Review – Scam or Legit?

First, we will discuss what this product is about, the cost and what it claims to do for you. Then we will discuss if it is really useful? Does it work? Can it help you make money? If yes, how does it do it? And if no, why not?

So, don’t click the buy button yet. Read my entire review to make an informed decision.

The immediate section below is the overview of this review. For the full review, continue after this next section.

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Killer Content System Review – Scam or Legit? – The Overview

Name: Killer Content System

Owner: Socrates Socratous

Website URL: killercontent .com

Price: $47 (some sites offer discounts and sell at $37), $97 platinum upsell, $297 Gold upsell

Killer Content System Review – Scam or Legit?

Review Author Name: Timotheus



Killer Content System is helps you to create a website and fill it with content from PLR articles. Will this help you make money? Read my review before you make any decision to join.


What is Killer Content System?

It is a system that suggests to you some profitable niches, and helps you create content on your website. PLR (Private Label Rights) content is used, and spun so that it appears as if you wrote these articles.

In doing so, you can monetize your site IF the pages rank high and you get traffic to your website.

Here is a video I found showing the video that you see when you land on their website:

Who Owns Killer Content System?

Killer Content System is owned by Socrates Socratous. Apparently, he is a famous online marketer.

On his blog site, he claims to be running several online businesses. His claims also include being an eBay and PPC expert.

Posted by Socrates Socratous on Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What Are The Packages & Prices For Killer Content System?

The price for the basic Killer Content System is at $47. This is a one time fee.

Take note that sometimes there can be a discount. Some sites offer the system at $37 only.

There is also the upsells – platinum version at $97, and gold version at $297.

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy.

Who Is Killer Content System For?

It was created with the intent to help newbies. These would be people with no experience in designing a website. And because it is geared towards affiliate marketing, it is also designed to help those with no affiliate marketing experience.

This is not the ideal way to do affiliate marketing. Why? Read my explanation in the Problems section further down this article.

What Are The Prerequisites For Killer Content System?

You will need all of the following:

  • A computer or laptop
  • Internet access

As you can see, the prerequisites are few and easy to meet. But that is only because they design the system for people who are new to internet marketing.

The truth is – it is not as simple as it seems. More details in the Problems section further down this article.

What Do You Get With Killer Content System?

The system comes with 10 basic training videos. The videos teach you the following topics:

  • How to use the system, and make money?
  • How to create websites?
  • How to choose a profitable niche?
  • How to use PLR articles? (to create spun articles and eBooks)
  • How to sell digital products?
  • How to do email marketing?
  • How to outsource the work?
  • How to drive traffic to your website?

Tools Free with the Killer Content System

With the system, you get a few tools:

  • Tens of thousands of PLR articles
  • Software to spin PLR articles
  • Software to manage your website, including updating your website with the spun articles
  • Software to help you do paid traffic

What Support Do You Get With Killer Content System?

The support given is via emails only.

What are the Pros of Killer Content System?

  • Low price and affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Build sites easily

What are the Things Killer Content System Did Well?

Low and Affordable Cost

The basic package is relatively low in cost. For everyone, including newbies, this is a good thing. Whether you are new or experienced, if you desire to do so, you can try the system.

But a word of caution. Using PLR articles and DFY system can hurt your website. I explain why in the Problems section below.

In the meantime, should you think of using this system, I would caution you against using it for your real business website. Maybe create another website to try it out and see if it really works?

Easy to Use

With the software, many actions are automated. For example, spinning a PLR article into a new one. Or auto publishing to your website. This can be attractive to those new to the Internet Marketing industry.

But take note – again, this can do more harm to your website. Now, let us move on to the Problems section, and I will explain why.

What are the Cons of Killer Content System?

  • No free trial
  • Get rich easily claim
  • Can cause duplicate content – will affect your website’s search ranking
  • Spun content – will affect your website’s search ranking
  • DFY (Done For You) System
  • No training on how to use content for good SEO – e.g. keyword research
  • Weak support
  • No community to get support or help

What are the Problems with Killer Content System?

RED FLAG! – Duplicate or Spun Content

The biggest problem is the use of PLR articles. If you use it as it is, it is clearly duplicate content. If you use a software to spin the article, it can be seen as duplicate content.

Who sees it as duplicate content? Google and other search engines. Here is a screen shot of what Google says on their Search Console Help section, about duplicate content.

As you can see, Google advises publishers to avoid creating duplicate content.

Avoid creating duplicate content advised by Google Search Console Help

What do they consider as duplicate content?

From the answer in their Help page, Google says ‘duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar’.

Note that they said ‘substantive blocks of content’. This means that even when you use software to spin a PLR article, it will be seen as duplicate content. As a result, Google and other search engines will penalize your website.

What this means is that your website’s ranking will drop significantly, or worse it may end up de-indexed. Appearing high on search results is invaluable. It can mean high traffic driven to your website. Traffic that can become leads, and be converted to customers.

The above reasons are why in my SEO classes, I always caution my students against duplicate content. I also do the same for my clients whom I do digital marketing for. And the reason, as you can see above, is that it will drastically affect a site’s ranking if duplicate content happens.

RED FLAG! – DFY (Done For You) System

The system claims to help users create websites, all done for you. Just like duplicate content, this is not a good thing.

Besides affecting ranking, there is concern about branding. Having a website that looks similar to another website, maybe even in the same niche, can hurt your brand’s equity.

In brand management classes that I teach, I always tell my students that brand equity is important. And very valuable.

When you grow a business, you must grow your brand equity, too. When you have good and valuable brand recognition and brand recall, your business can last.

I am sure you are here to have a long term business, right?

RED FLAG! – Not For Beginners

I can see the supposed rationale – that because it is simple to do and all done for the user, it can be construed as a system designed for those new to Internet marketing or starting a new business.

But it really is not ideal. And it is because of the use of PLR articles that can hurt your business. As a newbie, you will be shocked when Google and other search engines penalize your website.

It is best to learn the right way to start an online business. And to learn how to grow it for the long term. See my recommendations in the Final Thoughts section below.

RED FLAG! – Make Money with Very Little Effort

This is another questionable claim from Socrates Socratous. Again, because of duplicate or spun content, your website may not reach the first page of search results.

Without that online visibility, you will not get traffic. Without traffic, you cannot get sales.

So, you may need to do paid ads. By the way, there is training on this in the program. And paid ads takes time, effort and money. You will be spending a lot of money for your ad to be on the first page of search results.

As such, it makes me wonder – where is that very little effort?

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Killer Content System Review – Scam or Legit?

Timotheus Final Thoughts


It is a legit company and system. But unfortunately, because of the use of PLR to spin articles, I have to consider this a scam. Especially to caution those new to Internet marketing.

Plus the other red flags mentioned above, I really do not recommend this system.

What Do I Recommend?

If you are an experienced marketer, and you are looking for content ideas to write, you may buy this program just to see what titles and topics the PLR articles have for your chosen niche.

But just to get ideas. Please DO NOT use the articles or spin them. You will jeopardize your website. For me, I prefer to search for ideas using search engines like Google.

If you are new to Internet marketing, then I do not recommend this product. An online business is so much more than what this system offers. For example, firstly you need to choose a niche. Then you need to decide if you want to do private label, dropshipping, FBA (Fulfilmment by Amazon), or affiliate marketing.

For me, I prefer affiliate marketing, and I recommend doing this type of business. I have tried the rest and found that they take up a lot of time, effort and money. Especially money.

With affiliate marketing, you create a website for the niche you have chosen. Then you add new and fresh content. You recommend products. When people buy the product, you earn a commission.

No dealing with inventory, shipping or customer complaints.

My #1 Recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate is where I learn how to do affiliate marketing. And I find it the best place to learn.

You can join the Free Starter Package with just your email. No credit card needed for this Free Starter Package.

There is some free training as well as really powerful tools and features to help you do digital marketing for your online business.

My #1 Recommendation
Get your Free Starter account Now!

Join the Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter member for Free! And get access to free training on starting and growing an online business as well as many free features and tools (including powerful keyword tool). Plus, you get to create a website hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate server for free.

You Get My Bonus!

When you join the above program, I will be your mentor. I will guide you, help you succeed as an online entrepreneur, and make money.

If you have ANY questions, or anything to clarify, please drop a comment below. I will be happy to help you.

I wish everyone great wealth and success.

Digital Marketer, Lecturer, Amazon Bestselling Author & Cancer Survivor

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