On Page SEO – Online Videos – 5th of 12 Techniques That Work | Episode 8 | Digital Marketing 101

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Hi Everyone!

This is the 8th episode of Digital Marketing 101 series. It is about 12 On Page SEO techniques.

I am presenting each of these techniques as individual blog posts. Today, I am going to discuss the 5th of the 12 techniques, and it is about Online Videos.

What are online videos? What is Video SEO? How to create powerful and effective Online Videos for SEO?

I will cover these topics in this blog post.

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Watch: On Page SEO – Online Videos – 5th of 12 Techniques That Work | Episode 8 | Digital Marketing 101

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Video is the Future

I have said it for many years. And I will continue to say it in the years to come. Video is the future.

These days, people prefer to see images. Better still when the information is presented in a video. Then, they will enjoy watching it more.

“By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.” – Cisco

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Cisco has reported that “By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.”

This shows that the popularity of videos is going to increase. The reason is that people enjoy watching videos.

You see the reason why videos are so popular is because videos are very accessible. They are easy to consume, and they engage the audience attention better.

Videos are also able to convey emotions and ideas easily. Videos can contain more information than text and images in a short period of time. And because of these benefits, it has been found that online videos has helped increase the chances of a consumer making a purchase decision after watching a video.

“68 percent of YouTube users watched YouTube to help make a purchase decision.” – Google

#youtube #purchasedecision #onlinevideo #seo #onpageseo #buyerdecision

Google has found that “68 percent of YouTube users watched YouTube to help make a purchase decision.” YouTube shopping decision statistics, Think with Google

Did you know that adding a video to your digital marketing strategy can drastically improve your SEO efforts? Here are some of the ways to Create Powerful and Effective Online Videos for SEO.

How to Create Powerful and Effective Online Videos for SEO?

People will spend longer time watching the video on your website. As a result, when they watch your videos, it increases dwell time, and reduces bounce rates.

Both of these factors are signals to search engines that your page has something of value. This can increase your chances of your video getting on the 1st page of search results.

On search results, engines like Google shows a video thumbnail next to a search listing. According to Brightedge, this is done for 26 percent of search results. And it has been found that users are more likely to click that listing.

A video thumbnail next to a search listing is done for 26% of search results – Brightedge

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Create Videos with Quality Content

Your videos have to have content that are interesting and engaging. There is no point creating videos that have very poor content offering.

People will not watch them. Or at most, they will watch just a few seconds. And that is not good for your SEO.

One of the ways to have good quality videos is to answer questions that your viewers may have. When you do this with consistency, and provide great value, you can become an authority on the topic of your niche and gain credibility.

The search engines will recognize this, and boost your pages to higher ranks. As such, Question & Answer videos are effective for this reason.

Another type of video that can do well for your SEO efforts is to do a demonstration of your products. Thousands of retailers are using product videos.

As mentioned earlier, Google has found that “68 percent of YouTube users watched YouTube to help make a purchase decision.” – YouTube shopping decision statistics, Think with Google

You can also do a video that is educational. For example, the video shown at the start of this blog post. It is great for my website in the section where I educate my readers and audience about On Page SEO, particularly how to use online videos for that.

All these can boost your SEO efforts, and get your website and web pages ranked high.

Publish on YouTube

After creating your video, you should publish and promote it. For SEO, it is ideal to publish the videos on YouTube.

In case you did not know, YouTube is 2nd biggest search engine. As such, you can earn significant traffic to your videos. This can result in increase in traffic to your website.

Publishing your videos on YouTube is also a powerful branding opportunity.

Consider this. YouTube is owned by Google. As such, Google is far more likely to rank videos that are hosted on YouTube. In fact, it is believed that Google would rank listings that have videos, more so than those without videos.

video search results with thumbnail rich snippet

Share or Embed Videos with Context

After you have published your video on YouTube, it is ideal to embed that video into your blog post or web article. This will improve the ranking of your website or web page. There is even the potential for it to even reach the coveted 1st Page position.

As such, it has been observed that embedding a YouTube video that is relevant to a blog post or article has helped increase ranking. I know of an Internet Marketer who experimented with embedding videos.

After his blog post reached the 2nd page of SERP (Search Engine Results Page), he created and embedded a YouTube video to that same post. The next day, his web page’s ranking reached the 1st Page.

One thing to take note is to embed your video where it makes sense. That is to add it with other relevant written and visual content.

The more Google can understand how your video fits into the content on that page, the better your results will be. As such, placement must make sense.

For example, a brand video fits nicely into your “About Us” website page or your homepage. A product video is a great asset for your e-commerce platform or your website’s product descriptions. Testimonial videos are especially powerful and can work pretty much anywhere on your site.

Build Backlinks with Online Videos

When a video is done well, it can generate a large number of links to your website. These backlinks can even be from reputable domains.

Firstly, your video has to provide value to the viewer. As mentioned earlier, it has to have high quality content.

It should be able to educate your viewers, or provide useful information about a product. It should evoke emotions and make them laugh or cry, etc. It should move them so much so that your viewers would want to share your video.

When they watch your entire video, this informs search engines that people find your content of value. This is also one of the ranking factors, also known as dwell time.

Studies have proven that people would spend over twice as long time on a page with video than without. And when they share your video, it creates backlinks.

The higher the quality of your content, the more likely you are to get backlinks. This is another ranking factor, a very important one too. When you do well with both these ranking factors, due to your online video, you can get your website or web pages ranked high.

Do Video SEO

Add Keywords to Tags and File Name

Video SEO is one of the very important digital marketing strategies that many overlook.

You need to add keywords in title tag, and in the description tag.

When possible, also add the keywords in the file name of your video.

Keywords in Your Video Content

Also, mention the keywords in your video content. It has been found that Google and YouTube have been known to do their best to ‘listen’ and understand your video. That’s how YouTube can auto create your transcript.

As such, words like your keywords do get picked up. So, be sure to say your keyword a few times throughout the video content.

Need to learn more about keywords and keyword research? Click on the image below to read my blog post about this. (includes video and free keyword research tool)

Keywords And Keyword Research for SEO – Episode 3 – Digital Marketing 101

Create a Custom Thumbnail

Also, create a custom thumbnail.

And use large fonts for visibility on search results.

And remember to add your chosen keywords in the file name of thumbnail.

Add Keywords to Tags

When adding tags to your video, remember to include your keyword, or keywords.

Keywords in Hashtags

Use your keyword for one of the three hashtags you are allowed to place at the bottom of your video’s description.

Get Likes, Subscriptions and Comments

Try to get as many likes, subscriptions and comments as possible. This is because this is a is a big ranking signal for your video content. So, encourage viewers to like or subscribe to your video, or leave a comment.

Another way to encourage subscriptions is to use the end screen. These two features can significantly boost user interaction for your video, which makes it more likely for search engines to recommend your videos to more people.

Video length

The watch time is one of the most important ranking factor, especially for YouTube. It has been said that the longer videos have better chances of ranking higher in search results.

But, but these days, people have shorter attention spans. So, you may need to keep video lengths short. It has been reported that 10 minutes or less is the best.

And, I noticed that most people watch 3 to 4 minutes of a video. Mostly, on Passive Online Revenue YouTube channel, the average watch time is almost 2 minutes.

Create a Transcript

Do you notice that some YouTube videos have subtitles? These are great for SEO. It helps the search engines to know more about your video, and how to rank it to the relevant search query.

So, you can include some relevant keywords that can help your video get ranked for more than 1 keyword. On top of this, you can include the transcript of your video into your web page. Of course, do this appropriately. For example, I use the transcript of this video to create a blog post of this topic.

Gain Conversions with Video SEO

Besides ranking for your videos, you can also use them to increase conversions and thus, increase sales and revenue. Today, more brands are using videos on landing pages as well as other pages on their websites.

They do it to keep their visitors to these landing pages and web pages engaged. And ultimately, to convince them to make a purchase.

Video on Landing Page

When visitors land on your website, you have seconds to impress them and get them engaged. Landing pages with lots of text, and maybe a few images just won’t do it.

But, when you embed a video, it has been found to increase the length of time your visitors will stay on the page. And, it has also been found to convert many to customers.

But first, you have to get them to your landing pages. And SEO, and in this case, Video SEO can help achieve that.

Be a Featured Rich Snippet

Have you noticed that search results on Google often show rich snippets? In particular, rich snippets with video? This is what a site with video rich snippets looks like in the SERPs.

rich snippet search results with videos

Rich snippets are known to have higher click through rates. I can attest to that. The above article about the famous First Concubine Lane in Ipoh, and it has one of the highest traffic on my travel website known as Asia Travel Gems.

Snippets like this let people know that when they click on that search listing, there is a video for them to view. And it has been found that video rich snippets have higher click through rates.

This is because a snippet like this stands out from the other search results, which are mostly just text. Having a video, and a thumbnail makes more attractive to people doing the search, and they are more likely to click on it.

As such, this will increase traffic to your website. And yes, this is one of the SEO ranking factors.

Consistency is Key to Success

One last tip I give you is to be consistent in producing online videos. Be consistent in the quality of the video and the value of the content.

Keep working at Video SEO. This can get your videos ranked high. And, preferably not just for one keyword. But for many as many relevant keywords as possible. As more keywords match the search queries, you get more people watching your online videos.

Distribute and Share Your Videos

After you have produced the video, done the Video SEO, you will need to distribute it for the purpose of SEO. You should also repurpose the same content on many other platforms or sites. This will further help with the success of your digital marketing strategy.

I will discuss more about this in a future blog post. Remember to join my I Love Passive Income community to get updates.

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On Page SEO – Online Videos – 5th of 12 Techniques That Work | Episode 8 | Digital Marketing 101

Timotheus Final Thoughts

Do you have any questions about Online Videos? Or are you already producing online videos for SEO? And if you are, how is it going for you? Let me know in the comments.

In my next blog post, I will share about another On Page SEO technique. It will be about Internal Linking. Remember to join my I Love Passive Income Community to get updated whenever I publish it.

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