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How To Promote A Business Online? – Tasks That Repeat – Part Seven C

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This is all for 3rd part of Tasks That Repeat. As mentioned before, this is a 4-parter within the How to Promote A Business Online series.

Here are the other parts:

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Mobile Marketing

This is the era of mobile. And mobile marketing is the now and the future. If you are not implementing mobile marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy, you will be trailing behind. 

How To Promote Your Business Online - Tasks That Repeat - Mobile Marketing requires constant effort

Surveys have found that more and more people are spending time and getting engaged on mobile devices.

In 2014, it was reported that two billion users are using their mobile devices to read emails, surf the Internet, shop online, play games, engage with friends via messaging services and social media, plus many more. 

In 2017, the number of mobile users has increased to an estimated 4.77 billion (data by Statista, 2017).

As you can see, this is becoming one of the most powerful ways to reach your target audience. Can you afford not to include mobile marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy?

Mobile Marketing is not just any strategy that you can just jump in, and do it. Just like any other form of advertising, if it is done poorly, you’ll meet with poor results.

At worst, you may end up irritating your prospective and existing customers. But if you do it well, the results can be astonishing!

Currently, one reason mobile marketing is so effective is that the ‘open rate’ for text messages is nearly 100%.

It would be nearly impossible to reach a success rate approaching anywhere near that figure with email marketing or direct mail.

There are some mobile marketing tactics that some businesses are witnessing success with now. They are as follows:

  • Instant win games
  • Free giveaways
  • Trivia contests and sweepstakes
  • Alerts about sales and deals
  • Polls
  • Graphics, photos and messages that are engaging

With mobile marketing, you can achieve the following:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Draw customers into buying mode more consistently
  • Gather marketplace data (e.g. customer information) for marketing purposes

Just like all other digital marketing strategies, mobile marketing is also continually evolving.

So you need to keep learning, keep staying on top of things, and follow the rules of the game so that you don’t inadvertently cause problems for your business.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is so simple that many businesses overlook its power and effectiveness.

You just need to write articles of around 500 words on a topic that is related to your business or industry.

The articles are content-rich, and published online via myriad article submission sites.

How To Promote Your Business Online - Tasks That Repeat - When you are credited for an article, you get authority as well as back links to your website

So how does this promote your business?

At the bottom of the article there is a resource box that contains your company information. Readers can be directed to your business website from there.

The Importance of Article Marketing

It is absolutely one of the best methods of digital marketing that works for your business.

You strategically write articles that are relevant to your industry, and then submit them to online article submissions sites.

This creates a direct path to your business website for anyone who is searching for information related to your business.

It is imperative that you know and remember that an article is not a sales pitch. It should be informative, relevant, maybe even entertaining. Y

ou must write it using Search Engine Optimization techniques. Yet, be careful not to stuff too many keywords in your articles. Also, never plagiarize content from anywhere else.

How To Promote Your Business Online - Tasks That Repeat - Remember to optimize your articles with SEO so that search engines can find and rank your article

When you can write quality articles that not only inform but also teach something, you begin to establish yourself as the go-to expert in the industry.

You can then get your articles published in sites such as and, both excellent sites for publishing online articles.

You also should submit your articles to hundreds of websites. Article submission sites can help you do that.

Tip: Do not use duplicate content from your website. This will affect the ranking of your article and your business website.

Those who seek your keywords will stumble upon your content, and learn about your  business (due to the resource box at the end of the article).

So this means that the article must be so captivating that they are so engaged that they will read till the end of the article.

Articles need to be produced regularly as they are vital to your digital marketing plan. It will set you apart from your competitors.

Keep creating articles in order to keep traffic flowing to your site. The good news is you can subcontract this out, and it is very easy to do so.

When you publish articles, you are attracting people to your business website.

This is especially possible when you publish them on other websites with back links to your business website.

Thus, creating an added bonus for you. Why? As mentioned before, the more back links to your site, the better.

Use Articles to Create Interest And Reach All Potential Clients

When targeting a wide range of different types of clients, you need to write a variety of articles to pique their interest. At the same time, you also need to write articles your products and/or services.

Here are some great article ideas:

  • Unconventional Use of Your Product And/Or Service
  • Tips on the Use of Your Product
  • Reasons Why People Would Want to Use Your Service?
  • Interesting Information About Individual Produce And/Or Service
  • How Does Your Product or Service Help People?
  • Steps for Using Your Product or Service
  • Advantages of Using Your Product or Service
  • Disadvantages of Not Using Your Product or Service
  • How to Choose the Best Provider?
  • Other ‘How to …?’
  • Things to Look Out For When Purchasing
  • Things You Shouldn’t Do
  • Tips on Responding to a Challenge
  • Evaluations of Different Options
  • Little Known Facts
  • Frequently Asked Questions.

Do remember to keep your article to around 500 words; 400 to 750 words are still all right. Write in a fluid manner that flows naturally. This keeps people hooked, and they will keep reading.

To summarize, here it is again, a simple formula for article writing as a digital marketing technique:

  • Do your keyword research
  • Get your content written
  • Submit it to article directories.

Press Releases

Online press releases are major contributors towards increasing traffic to your business website. They are a credible way to build your digital presence.

How To Promote Your Business Online - Tasks That Repeat - Press Releases are powerful at creating brand awareness and promoting your business

When creating an online press release, you must meet strict guidelines by offering select information in a standardized format.

When you submit the press release to online press release distribution sites, it has the opportunity to be picked up, and be published on other sites.

Needless to say, this helps increase traffic to your business website tremendously through valuable back links.

There are many reasons to produce a press release. Here are some of those reasons:

  • Product Launch, or launch of a new service or line
  • Milestone in the life of a company
  • Contests, promotional programs, special offers, sales of stock, sales related to holidays, etc
  • Special events, or involvement in major events
  • Receiving and award
  • Partnerships, reorganization of the company, creation of a new division, or hiring of a key employee
  • Expert opinions on subjects related to your industry
  • New or improved website
  • Environmentally friendly initiatives

Due to the fact that there are more stringent guidelines for the publication of press releases than for article or blog publications, people consider press releases more reliable. This builds trust and credibility for your company.

On the down side, if your press release does not comply with the required format and content guidelines, it will not get published. This too, adds to the fact that many readers tend to take information shared in a press release even more seriously than articles or blogs.

When noticed by people, press releases will have them talking about your business. This is word-of-mouth marketing. And it is a very powerful marketing strategy.

Press releases also get you noticed by search engines. So be sure to create press releases that are search engine-optimized. This will ensure web crawlers’ attention, and increase its appeal to them.

When you get published on sites that allow back links, your press release will further help direct traffic to your business website. As such, make sure that any call to action on your press release, for example a special offer or tease for more information, should also always generate more traffic, too.

Tip: Do your best to release one press release each month. While they need not be done as often as blogs or articles, by releasing at least one a month, you will set yourself apart from your competitors who do not do this so regularly.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Many businesses have seen returns from Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, and have continued investing in this area of digital marketing. Like them, you may have recognized the value of such campaigns at finding potential customers.

How To Promote Your Business Online - Tasks That Repeat - Pay Per Click Campaigns like this can increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and even convert visitors to customers

One of the major advantages in PPC Campaigns is the fact that in as short a time as within one day, you can have traffic actually coming to your business website.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns can also be very costly, if you don’t know how to do it efficiently. They can actually be substantially downsized when effectively used strategically with an equally efficient and effective digital marketing plan, and when your business website is consistently at the top of search engine results. Thus reducing cost.

Still, PPC Campaigns are invaluable tools that you should continue to use, and continue to keep as part of your digital marketing strategy, especially for extremely competitive keyword searches.

The Right Keyword Research

The thing that will ensure resounding success for your PPC Campaigns is keyword research. In the Start With One-Time Tasks chapter, we emphasized on the importance of keyword research.

How To Promote Your Business Online - Tasks That Repeat - Keywords to Get Your Website Ranked On First Page On Google

If you had done that correctly, you will have a list of keywords that people use when searching for products and services similar to those you provide. This includes very specific long-tail keywords.

These keywords will be the ones not commonly used, and have the fewest PPC matches for them. This will ensure that when someone uses these keywords, you ad will appear at the top, and not lost somewhere amongst other ads.

Whether your PPC Campaign is a hit or miss, keyword research makes all the difference. PPC Campaign with keyword research really works, and has a high number of click-throughs, and a high rate of conversion to sales. Many businesses choose to have their PPC Campaigns professionally managed because it can often mean huge savings, and produce greater results.

Geo-Targeting Your Ads

This is a PPC option that not many business owners are aware of, or know very little about. It allows you to target your PPC ads to people in a specified area who are searching for a given term.

Suppose you are selling luggage, and when someone in your geographic area searches for a generic term like ‘luggage’, your ad will be shown in the search results due to your using geo-targeting. Someone who does the same generic search in another area will not see your ad.

This is possible only because search engines know where searchers are located. You can choose to target:

  • Actual Location
  • Narrow Geography such as Country, City, Town, or Neighborhood
  • IP Address.

Also, there are advantages to geo-targeting generic terms for you PPC ads. They are as follows:

  • Cheaper Click Rates
  • Faster Traffic Results
  • More Targeted Traffic
  • Lower Competition
  • Higher Conversion to Sales
How To Promote Your Business Online - Tasks That Repeat - Geo Targeting your ads is a great way to get better results and conversions

You can also choose to implement PPC Campaigns on words with a location qualifier attached to them. Many people will actually include a location qualifier when searching online. 

For example, they may search with ‘luggage Bangkok’. By using both the searcher’s actual location and a location qualifier, you will have the greatest possible success in your Pay-Per-Click Campaign.

The Importance of the Landing Page

A landing page is a page that people reaches after clicking a link. The link can be on your ad, in your article’s resource box, in a press release, displayed on a video, or mentioned in an audio.

The best designed landing pages are those that include a way for the visitor to exchange their contact information for a free report or something that is of value to them.

This makes the landing page a very important part of your digital marketing strategy, especially for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns. It is relevant to the ad that you have placed and should contain keywords related to the search.

You should have a different landing page for each PPC ad that you place. Do not cut corners on this. Also, include navigation links to other parts of your website for even better results in Google.

Content Network PPC Campaign

A Content Network is simply a network of websites that offer content in the form of text, audios, videos, slides, etc. As an advertiser, your ad will be shown alongside these content.

A major advantage of Content Network PPC Campaign is that you can contextualize your advertising. You can advertise on websites that related to yours.

This is very effective as most people spend time visiting their favorite websites. Content Network PPC Campaigns get your ads in front of these people when they visit these popular websites.

There is a huge number of websites in a content network. Content Network PPC Campaigns offer you the opportunity to tap into the traffic of each of these websites. In addition, you can be creative with multi-media advertisements on Content Network. You don’t have to just use text.

You can choose to use images, and even video!

Remember I mentioned earlier about Video Marketing being the next wave of marketing? Well, you can combine that power into your Content Network PPC Campaign!

Use videos to capture the attention of potential clients. Consider this option for your digital marketing plan.

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How To Promote A Business Online? – Tasks That Repeat – Part Seven C

Timotheus Final Word

This is all for 3rd part of Tasks That Repeat. As mentioned before, this is a 4-parter within the How to Promote A Business Online series.

Here are the other parts:

  1. Tasks That Repeat: 1st of 4-parter
  2. Tasks That Repeat: 2nd of 4-parter
  3. Tasks That Repeat: 4th of 4-parter

If you have ANY questions, or anything to clarify, please drop a comment below. I will be happy to help you.

I wish everyone great wealth and success.

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